Empowering Metis: Streamlined Crypto Tax Solution with Blockpit

In the evolving landscape of decentralized applications, Metis stands out as a permissionless Layer 2 network, driving innovation and efficiency. This environment demands equally advanced solutions for managing the complexities of crypto tax compliance and portfolio tracking. Enter Blockpit, a tool designed to simplify these processes for the Metis community and beyond.

The partnership between Blockpit and Metis aims to offer the community comprehensive support for Layer 2 transactions and activities across DeFi protocols. Our objective is to facilitate seamless tax reporting and optimization for Metis users, enhancing their experience and financial management within the ecosystem.

What is Blockpit?
Blockpit serves as the ultimate solution for cryptocurrency tax calculation, optimization, reporting, and portfolio tracking. With over 500 blockchain & exchange integrations, Blockpit eases the generation of multi shore tax reports. Users can connect their accounts or wallets using Public/API keys or CSV files, ensuring full compliance with country-specific regulations.

The Dashboard offers an up-to-date overview of all your holdings, portfolio development and various interesting insights.

The Transaction page displays all activity in a user-friendly format, giving detailed figures on the tax implications of every single transaction.

Having all your exchanges and wallets synced into one place, why not use the data for even more insights to your portfolio. Configure yourself and keep track of what you deem interesting.

The full functionality of the Blockpit App also fits in your pocket, just in case you want to check your portfolio every 5 minutes or evaluate the tax implications of a transaction before you execute it.

Compliance as an Ethos: Blockpit offers country-specific, Big4 audited tax frameworks for nine jurisdictions, runs ISO 22301/27001 certified systems on a closed server-system and is audited for GDPR. The best part: you can use it without revealing any personal data anyways.

Proposal: Benefits for Metis

  • Integration Support: Direct support for Metis Layer 2 and auto-classification of trades, liquidity mining, staking etc. of existing and upcoming native DApps like Hercules, Netswap, Maia, Tethys Hummus, etc.
  • Multi-chain Support: Full-Support of Metis biggest multichain dApps like Aave, Stargate, Wagmi, Beefy, Granary, DeFi Kingdom and many more.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Metis community members are eligible for a 15% discount on their first Blockpit license, increased up to 25% during special campaigns like a partnership celebration or tax season.
  • Educational Webinars: Opportunity to participate in exclusive Metis webinars hosted by Blockpit’s CEO, offering a walkthrough, tips, and tricks for using Blockpit effectively and optimize your tax liabilities, as well as a Q&A session for tax-related queries.

Blockpit offers extensive integration capabilities

Covering over 3,000,000 digital assets and 500 integrations, Blockpit provides comprehensive coverage for Metis users’ crypto activity. This collaboration not only empowers users to manage their digital assets efficiently, but also ensures they navigate the tax season with confidence and ease.