Hermes Protocol

Hermes Protocol officially launched in February 2022 and started emissions in March 2022. Hermes allows liquidity providers to take decisions on adding new gauges, boosting gauge yields, voting on token emission, and receive bribes. This protocol is an overall Improvement of both Curve Finance’s mechanics and game theory.

Hermes Protocol allows low cost, near 0 slippage trades on uncorrelated or tightly correlated assets. The protocol incentivizes fees instead of liquidity. Liquidity providers (LPs) are given incentives in the form of HERMES, the amount received is calculated as follows;

  • 100% of weekly distribution weighted on votes from veHERMES holders

The above is distributed to gauges, however LPs will earn between 40% and 100% based on their own veHERMES balance.

LPs with 0 veHERMES balance, will earn a maximum of 40%.

:globe_with_meridians: Features

:white_check_mark: Swap
:white_check_mark: Pool
:white_check_mark: Farm
:white_check_mark: Stake
:white_check_mark: Vote
:white_check_mark: Bribes
:white_check_mark: Boosts
:white_check_mark: Permissionless incentivization

If you want to learn more about Hermes Protocol, please read our documentation:



Muse, sing in honor of Hermes, the son of Zeus and Maia. His mother was Maia with the wonderful hair, a shy and shamefaced nymph who stayed in her shady cave, avoiding the company of the blessed gods. In the darkest night, when sweet sleep held white-armed Hera fast, Zeus, the son of Cronos, used to lie with the nymph with the fabulous hair. No one knew about it, neither the gods, who do not die, nor human beings, who do.

Now, when he had finished what he had in mind and when ten moons had risen in the sky, Zeus led his notorious child into the light. Maia gave birth to a wily boy, flattering and cunning, a robber and cattle thief, a bringer of dreams, awake all night, waiting by the gates of the city Hermes, who was soon to earn himself quite a reputation among the gods, who do not die.

As the sun rose on the fourth day of the month, lady Maia bore him; by noon he played the lyre and by evening he had stolen the cattle of Apollo, who shoots from afar.