HOGO - share and sell your private contact securely


Hi there, my name is Yurii Melashchenko, and I am the founder of HOGO - Web3 solution for the secure sharing and selling of content through social media.


HOGO mission is to create a safe tool for content sale and transfer.


HOGO offers you a safe decentralized tool for content selling with secure vault, NFT access key and files encryption. That approach excludes any third-party interference into the deal, grants transparency and enhanced security.

HOGO ecosystem consists of two main elements:

  • HOGO Vault

Content selling tool with secure storage, NFT access keys, and a decentralized access mechanism.

  • HOGO Wraps

Web3 bridge to access encrypted content.

HOGO concept is built on three fundamental principles:

  • HOGO does not have access to Web2.0 apps authentication credentials
  • HOGO protects the data from leakages, hackers and censorship
  • HOGO uses a decentralized model for transparent governance and enhanced security.


We use an encryption protocol based on blockchain and seed phases for encryption keys generation.

The user’s private encryption keys and data are stored on the user’s device without any third-party access.

In details:

Data storage on IPFS

ECDH - MVP Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman Key Exchange

Signal-like protocol Double Ratchet - Advanced (data transfer)

What we have developed so far

At the moment, we have developed a working POC of HOGO Wraps



According to Valuates report, the digital content market is expected to grow to $ 241 650 mln in 2027. At the same time, 1.2 mln users sell their content on OnlyFans - the largest private content marketplace. Growing interest in private content selling can also be tracked in Patreon - 69% of the platform users sell their content via Patreon (according to Startupbonsai). With the growth of the private content market, HOGO offers secured Web3 solution that has no alternatives.



Almost seven years ago, we created Secserv.me - an online messaging service that uses links to encrypted messages, files, and chats, instead of clear text.

Secserv.me main feature is that the server keeps encrypted messages and files and has no idea about their contents. Public keys are never transmitted from the server.

We currently have around 3000 unique visitors who transfer about ~3 GB of encrypted data daily.

Key milestones

Q1 - Google Drive integration, Smart Contract
Q2 - Dropbox integration
Q3 - 2FA contract, Facebook integration
Q4 - On-chain 2FA, YouTube integration
Q5 - Telegram integration

Website: https://hogo.live
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hogo_app
HOGO Wraps PoC: https://secserv.me/hogo-facebook.apk