I'd like to form a team


I’m John C Quackswell and i’d like to start building on metis, with a team. I have a soon to be released article on Metis coming on blocmates, and I’d like to build this project with the traffic from such. I really like projects like Baked Beans, so if there isn’t one already I’d like to fork it here and make that a reality. ORRR I’d like to fork Wolf Game. would be so dope.

PS im a 14 year veteran marketer and publicist, not a dev, so my CTA here is to reach out to me if you are a dev and want revshare and co-founder title.

I was thinking something like “Olympus Gods”


No. Post must be at least 20 characters but still, no

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Hey, we would like to chat and see how best to support you. Can you send a message to our administrators on Telegram?

At HyperJump we are always looking for people to participate. Please write us on Discord if you are interested

Hi @JohnCQuakxwell
Have you built a team already?
I am interested in talking with you.