KamigamiX | 200 Premium NFTs, 100 Angels & 100 Demons | Launching on Feb 24th, 8 PM UTC 🥷

KamigamiX is a free to play, digital, collectable card game built on blockchain technology inspired by anime culture.

Here, players match with an opponent based on ranking score, and then the winner is rewarded “Shuriken”. The more battles you win, the higher rank you grow, and the more rewards you will reap!

NOTE: Shuriken is the in-game currency.


Version 1:

KamigamiX | Gods – 200 premium nfts, 100 Angels & 100 Demons. (Launch date: Feb 24th, 8 PM UTC. Mint Price = 1 Metis)

Advantages of holding a God:

  • Airdropped two KamigamiX.Senshi (KGX.Senshi) NFTs
  • Automatically whitelisted for the KGX.Senshi NFT sale*
  • Most importantly, the ability to use multiple elements [Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning & Wind] to win challenges

Version 2:

KamigamiX.Senshi | Warriors- 5000 NFTs. (Launch Date: March. Mint Price = 0.25 Metis)

  • Each warrior represents an element [Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning & Wind]
  • 500/5000 warriors will have the ability to use 2 elements to fight

Note: Owners can sell Gods & Warriors on the open market - tofuNFT.com based on their traits or play using them to win and earn rewards in the form of Shuriken.

For more details, head over to our

:globe_with_meridians: Website: https://kamigamixnft.com

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