KamigamiX | Anime Inspired Premium NFTs | Launching on March 9th, 8PM UTC 🥷


KamigamiX is officially launching on March 9th, 8 PM UTC :ninja:

Total Supply: 200
Mint Price: 1 $Metis

Website: https://kamigamixnft.com/
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @kamigamix

Note: Holders of KamigamiX are airdropped 2 KamigamiX.Senshi NFTs worth 0.25 Metis


We have two NFT collections

  1. KamigamiX | Gods - Premium NFT collection
  2. KamigamiX.Senshi | Warriors - Standard NFT collection

Note: The only NFT collection on Metis with 12 layers/properties!

KamigamiX is a limited premium collection of 200 anime inspired NFTs and KamigamiX.Senshi is a standard collection of 5000 NFTs. These NFTs are essentially your unique cards in the digital collectable P2E card game that is coming out in July 2022.


In the game, you can challenge other holders for their NFTs by engaging in battles or place bets on upcoming battles using “Shuriken Tokens” to win and earn rewards.

Note: Shuriken Token is the in-game currency and can be bought on all standard dex’s within the $Metis blockchain.


Each NFT represents an element [Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning & Wind] and has its own unique ability.

KamigamiX.Senshi | Warriors - Each Warrior belongs to one element group and has the ability to use the skills that fall under that particular element to fight and win battles.

KamigamiX | Gods - Gods however have the ability to use skills that fall under 3 elements to fight and win battles making them an extremely versatile asset in the game.


Other Advantages to owning a God | KamigamiX NFT

  • You are airdropped 2 KamigamiX.Senshi NFTs
  • You are also automatically whitelisted for the KamigamiX.Senshi NFT sale



  • Partnered with tofuNFT.com
  • Partnered with metis.market marketplace

Many more to come!


Community & Socials:

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