Kedos - Ai-powered Web3 Learning dApp

My name is Alex Evsyukov. I am the founder of the KEDOS project, and with my partners Yana Osman, Stas Ustenko, and Pavel Cherkashin, we want to introduce the project we have been working on for the last six months.


KEDOS mission is to develop a Web3 mindset and prepare for the future through easy-to-launch adaptive AI-powered education.

As many of you know, current web1 and web2 online education have a lot of gaps mainly produced by human factors, a lack of automation, and an inability to fast update the learning materials and courses. One more problem is the outdated approach to learning flow, where students lose the motivation to learn just by getting some boring materials and obvious tests.

Let us present you KEDOS - Ai-powered Web3 Learning dApp, which will shape the future of education.

We believe in Web3. Yes, we do! It is in our day that we are witnessing many processes change, including technology, economics, education, and work.


We combine the best Web3, learn2earn, and AI practices to bring a new gamified educational approach in native dialog form. Students can talk straight to KEDDY AI, instantly get automatically created learning materials by request, get tested and certified automatically, and save their success in SBT (Soul Bound Token).

KEDOS is not just one more online learning platform handled by a group of people but a modern decentralized project driven and governed by the community using DAO approach.


B2B2C model

Kedos is based on the b2b2c business model. Our go-to-market strategy is to partner with web3 projects and educational institutions to generate mutually beneficial results for both parties. The business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) helps achieve revenue, efficiency, and growth goals.



A humidified Artificial Intelligence that will lead you through the innovative dialog-based educational process and automatically creates flexible auto-updated personalized learning courses.


Potential partners/customers


Web3 projects

Kedos partners with Web3 projects on several opportunities:

  • providing AI-based training system generating project education and onboarding
  • community engagement tools in the form of AI-generated quizzes, tests, and surveys


Educational institutions

  • KEDOS partnership with Educational Institutions helps to improve students’ knowledge with up-to-date AI-generated courses in new areas like Web3, Blockchain, Metaverse, etc.


The community acts as a DAO. Every member gets a personal Soul Bound Token and collects their achievements with its help. In the future, SBT will replace diplomas and certificates and exclude any opportunity for fraud to open new doors for Web3 generation.


For more details - our linktree


Great news, guys!
We’ve launched a first version of our product
Be among the first to test it at

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cool, conglatulations on your launch

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