Loot (for War) NFT

Loot(for War) is randomized war loot generated and stored on Metis. Each “Force” includes a country, support (air, land, and sea), tactic (offensive and defensive), bomb, and random surplus. Feel free to use forces in any way you want. Community involvement is encouraged. Total supply is 6000 NFTs, all of which were minted for free via the smart contract.



Phase One:

  • Free Mint (Complete)
  • Website (Complete)
  • Market Listing and Verification (Completed)
  • Rarity Application (Completed)
  • Community decided yield and farm strategies (in process)
  • Floor Sweeper (in process)
  • Discord Revamp (in process)

Phase Two:

  • Metis-Market Partnership
  • Governance Token Launch
  • Airdrop for WAR Holders
  • Play2Earn NFT Based WAR Game
  • NFT Staking
  • Community Derivative Projects

Governance Token:

The governance token for Loot (for War) will be claimable to holders of the NFT. There will be X amount of tokens claimable per each NFT held. Initial liquidity for the token will be taken from the treasury (amount to be decided on by the community). As stated above, we aim to build the treasury with sales from the NFT marketplace. This is to help boost community interaction outside of the DAO and to ensure stability of the token price.

Play to Earn WAR game:

We have many ideas floating around the community on how we would like to build the game. We are looking at an NFT battle game, similar to the card game “War”, where your attributes and cards strengths determine the outcome. Players will be able to call on allies (if they have that NFT) to boost their strengths. All winners will be rewards with the governance token.

  • One vs One game with winner rewarded in governance token
  • World map showing owners and forces of each country
  • Players can call on allies to boost their attributes in game
  • Random coefficient to prevent rarest attributes continuously winning.
  • Each attribute can only be used once in battle per NFT.
  • Many more updates to this while the community builds

NFT staking:

User will be able to stake their Loot (for WAR) NFTs into multiple pools. Some ideas mentioned are having all the pool named after countries. The countries with the most NFTs staked will get a boost within the P2E game. You will also earn governance tokens for staking, but that APY% is still to be discussed within the community.

Please join the community and help us build!