LSD Proposal - Accumulated Finance

Accumulated Finance: Omnichain METIS Liquid Staking

Accumulated Finance is an omnichain liquid staking protocol integrated with Curve ecosystem.

Accumulated Finance & Metis Network

:white_check_mark: Metis CVP
:white_check_mark: Omnichain stMETIS liquid staking is deployed on 2 testnets since January 2024

Protocol Stats (11-02-2024)

:moneybag: TVL: $1.2m
:chains: Omnichain liquid stakings: 4 (MANTA, ZETA, and others)
:chains: Supported chains: 6 (Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Manta Pacific, and others)

stMETIS: Unlock the True Value of Staked METIS

Our omnichain stMETIS liquid staking, deriving rewards from the Metis sequencer pool, is now live on Ethereum Sepolia and Metis Sepolia.

Accumulated Finance empowers users to transform their METIS into liquid staking tokens (stMETIS), facilitating:

1. Sequencer Pool Rewards & Enhanced Liquidity

Convert METIS into stMETIS to participate in liquid staking and earn staking rewards, derived from Metis sequencer pool

2. Additional ACFI Rewards

Stake stMETIS to receive both underlying staking rewards and ACFI discounted staking options.

3. DeFi Integrations

Leverage the power of stMETIS across a spectrum of DeFi applications, including loans, leverage trading, and re-staking, all while continuously earning staking rewards.

4. Omnichain Flexibility

Mint LSTs omnichain (initially, on the Ethereum & Metis Network).
Seamlessly transfer stMETIS between different blockchain networks using the xERC20 standard.

stMETIS Utility & Integrations

As we gear up for the official launch of omnichain stMETIS liquid staking on Metis and Ethereum mainnets, and subsequently on other EVM chains where METIS will flourish, our roadmap is brimming with exciting integrations and innovations:

  • Connect Metis and Curve ecosystems
    – stMETIS integrations with Curve Finance, Convex Finance, Stake DAO, crvUSD, and other protocols
    – Additional CRV/CVX/SDT rewards for stMETIS/METIS pool
  • Integrations with lending protocols: Aave, Granary, crvUSD, Inverse Finance, Silo Finance, and others
  • Cross-chain stMETIS transfers with the xERC20 standard without liquidity fragmentation
  • Leveraged Staking Strategies (built on top of stMETIS lending markets)
  • Additional ACFI rewards for stMETIS liquid stakers
  • Integrations with institutional crypto custodians and market-makers ( and others)
  • Integrations with exchanges (easy METIS staking on with stMETIS liquid staking underneath)

ACFI – Accumulated Finance Governance Token

ACFI will be launched in 2024 and operate under a carefully designed tokenomics model, shaping the distribution and utility of the native cryptocurrency.

50,000,000 ACFI tokens will be distributed to liquid staking users.

By staking ACFI in stACFI, users contribute to the decentralized decision-making process that governs the development and evolution of Accumulated Finance and directly share protocol revenue (across all liquid staking tokens).




Accumulated Finance is not just a liquid staking protocol, it’s a movement to unlock the true value of staked tokens. We are pioneering omnichain liquid staking, providing seamless interoperability for stMETIS across multiple blockchain networks.

The integration with the Curve ecosystem amplifies liquidity and utility for stMETIS holders, while our roadmap includes further enhancements, from multiple CeDeFi integrations to leveraged staking strategies.

With the upcoming launch of the ACFI governance token and rewards for liquid staking users, it’s a good time for the METIS community to integrate with Accumulated Finance, unlocking a lot of utilities for staked METIS and synergies with our ecosystem.


I tested your testnet. You have excellent UX/UI. It’s time for research your docs and social networks.

Thank you for your proposal


Thank you, in our opinion good UX is the key to mass adoption and greater utility of stMETIS.
And that’s why we’re giving it a lot of attention.


I had a great time testing your protocol

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yes, for accumulating finance

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