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The dynamics of Defi staking has changed rapidly and the Metis network having emerged as a promising Layer 2 set to decentralize its sequencers presents colossal opportunity for money markets and defi explorers looking to explore staking opportunities. Taking inspiration from the popular Metis quote" “LSD will be the cornerstone of the Metis DeFi ecosystem " Velix introduces innovative solution: a liquid staking derivative (LSD) platform designed to simplify and enhance the staking experience of users within the Metis ecosystem. By enabling METIS token holders to participate in network security without sacrificing liquidity, Velix not only enhances financial product flexibility but also democratizes access to DeFi benefits through the Velix Protocol.

Velix Protocol Mechanism

Yield maximization through staking is at the heart of Velix’s innovation, allowing users who ordinarily would not be able to participate in sequencer mining due to minimum staking requirements to stake their METIS tokens in exchange for veMETIS, a tokenized derivative. This process is underpinned by a sophisticated algorithm that delegates METIS tokens to high-performance sequencers, ensuring network security and consensus efficiency. veMETIS holders can further stake their tokens for sveMETIS, representing their stake and accruing rewards, thus maintaining liquidity and active participation in the DeFi ecosystem.

Graphical representation of the Velix Protocol Mechanism

Key Components:
The guide outlines the simple process a user needs to go through to participate in Velix
Token Deposit and Mint: Secure delegation of METIS tokens to sequencers via Velix, enhancing network integrity.
LSD Issuance (veMETIS): Minting of veMETIS, enabling liquidity and seamless DeFi ecosystem engagement.
Reward Distribution: Auto-compounded rewards distributed in veMETIS to sveMETIS holders, amplifying yield potential.

Unique Features

  1. Enhanced Yield through Auto-compounding, offerring a superior return on staked Metis.

  2. veMETIS issuance provides uninterrupted Liquidity for users, allowing for greater flexibility in utilizing staked asset (veMetis) across various DeFi applications within Metis ecosystem

  3. Seamless integration within the Metis ecosystem, facilitating interoperability and fluid exchange across DeFi platforms.

4.Introduction of the Velix governance token to empower users to shape the protocol’s future while incentivizing contributions to protocol security, efficiency and the overall democracy.

Tokenomics will soon be released for detailed overview

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