LunarBrain Crypto Terminal [Powered by METIS]

LunarBrain is a free information terminal for the crypto enthusiast.
Catered to professional traders and investors.

The LunarBrain Terminal connects crypto professionals and enthusiasts to a high quality network of news, analytics, data and people. We bring real-time data, breaking news, in-depth research, powerful analytics and trading solutions in one fully integrated solution, with a customizable UI.
We are clearly inspired by the Bloomberg Terminal, but porting this dinosaur to the age of Web3 and Crypto.

What are the goals for LunarBrain?
We aim to be the go-to solution for institutional trading desks, as well as for the retail trader/investor. More than that, we are aiming to bring the industry together, smoothing up the process of anyone entering the scene or looking for more in-depth analytical tools and research.

Charts •
Best in Class Newsfeed •
Customizable UI •
Analytics •
Built-in DEX •
Trader chat •
Built in trade/swaps for all major chains without kyc •
Aggregated cex trading (with kyc) •
Curated deep dives into different ecosystems (think hasufl) •
News per asset •
Full blown analytics suite: think options/derivatives data, wallet trackers, onchain analysis, orderbook imbalances on cexes etc •
VC tracker; which deals were done privately, what vesting, what price etc •
Blackbook: who is who in crypto •

much more planned in roadmap





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January 5, 2022


Keen to see this project come together!