Metis Farmer NFT

Hi All,

A collection of 10k unique nft will be available on the $metis blockchain.

let’s farming and harvesting resources to help you survive!

We are not your ordinary PFP NFT

also we have around 40ish more OG role to giveaway on our twitter


see ya!


want to know more about our NFT ?

you can read it on our Medium page now!

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hi farmers!
we are opening our discord server for public!

join now! Metis Farmer NFT


Our Website is live!

you can check our roadmap now

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This could be huge guys…hope you’ve got incentives coming up for the community

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Get to know about our Genesis NFT!

you guys can check our Medium article about it

Hello again guys!

now our litepaper is up, you can read it here

We have published a new medium article about how our mining pool works.

Finally, our launch date has arrived!
More information can be found in our Medium article.

is verified on tofuNFT !

Our mint page is now live, but please keep in mind that mint has not yet begun!

All whitelisted addresses from our giveaway, as well as those who submitted their addresses on our Discord Server, will have access to the bottom menu.

Our Mint is live! Metis Farmer NFT

Get 1 Free Genesis NFT when you mint 5 NFTs!