Metis integration into HYVE

HYVE.WORKS - Empowering the Future of Work in the Web3 Space

HYVE is the largest web3 job marketplace, revolutionizing the global exchange of goods and services between freelancers and companies. As a decentralized platform, HYVE operates similarly to Uniswap but for work and freelancing, ensuring security, prompt transactions, and a seamless experience.

Key Features

  1. Decentralized Labor Exchange
  • Operates as a pioneering decentralized labor exchange.
  • Facilitates the exchange of freelance work, job opportunities, and digital items.
  1. Payment Security
  • All payments held in escrow for security.
  • Swift transfers between parties through smart contracts.
  1. Diverse Payment Options
  • Supports ETH, BNB, MATIC, FTM, AVAX, CRO, AURORA, and over 150 tokens.
  • Users can engage in freelance work, hire talent, or sell digital items.

Platform Benefits

  • Low Fees
    • Traditional platforms charge up to 20% in commissions; HYVE’s highest fee is 2.5%.
    • Jobs listed in $HYVE have no commission fees.

Token Utility

  • HYVE token facilitates payments for jobs, tasks, and digital items.
  • Enables participation in governance and voting on proposals.
  • Staking rewards token holders with collected platform fees.

HYVE’s Goal
Create a vibrant environment where crypto-native individuals collaborate using various payment methods. HYVE acts as an on-ramp for non-native users to become crypto holders by selling their skills for crypto without upfront costs.

Our Roadmap can be found on our Blog.

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Audit done by Certik and CyberUnit

Simply put, we’re suggesting adding Metis to our web3 freelancing platform. This means blending Metis into our platform to make things better for freelancers and users.

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