has a total trading volume in value $METIS higher than TofuNFT. Punks are the most traded collection on the network.

We have followed our roadmap and shared the marketplace fees with the punks holders. So far we have hosted 0 rug.

We have tried to be partner for 4 months, it costed us missed opportunities and visibility.

It was a fun journey, we’ve tried our best to build a community and work in the interest of our 1020 stakeholders (Punks holders).

If you think our work brings at least the same added value as Metacraft or Tofu vote for us. Thanks!


Continuous improvements in its interface, search for new solid and safe projects, airdrops for its Top300 holders, fee sharing. What more do you want Metis?

Without a doubt, Metis.Market has to be our reference NFT marketplace in Metis.

  • highest volume on NFTs on Metis #nobrainer
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Best NFT marketplace on Metis! NFT airdrops for metispunk holders. Trustworthy project.

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metis market, the most down to earth developer. always in chat with in telegram.

fixes done in hours. zero layer of red tape, very easy to chat with founder.

and we earn royalty as well.

thank you for your great work. really enjoy it.

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Thanks guys for your feedback!
And also thanks for your support and your ideas, it was really fun, we’ve built this project with the community: domain name selection, UI/UX implementations like history trades, filters, loading, pagination, etc…

It seems that we are currently the most voted project, but we still have 0 feedback from the team.

I guess we are forced to move to another chain with another project.
Nothing against Metis which we think is great, but to scale we need to work with the network’s team and the ecosystem, which seems currently not possible.

We will keep you updated on the TG for those interested. If you wish we do not update our new project, it is fine, as we don’t want to impact negatively the network’s traction.


Just landed on there, and dig the simple UX. Would love to see it developed into a curated marketplace!