Metis Ninjas are LIVE (5000 NFTs)

Hey everyone, I have launched Metis Ninjas on Andromeda and they are minting right now! for more information about the Ninjas!

Here is a brief overview of the Ninjas and the utility around them!

5000 uniquely generated ninjas are here to replace your boring PFP and secure you a spot in the BlockChat DAO whitelist beta program.

What is BlockChat DAO?

BlockChat DAO (BCD) is a decentralised DAO2DAO communication platform built specifically for projects to collaborate, exchange project information, in-dapp NFT trading, Metaverse integration and many more features. BCD will be built on the Metis Andromeda Layer 2 network and Powered by Peak Finance.

Before BlockChat DAO was known as BCD it was formerly called OzComCoin (OCC), there were some pre-seed investors who helped us begin our journey. After some time we decided to go in a new direction and start a DAO2DAO Communication platform. These initial holders will automatically receive a Ninjas to be included in the Whitelist Program.


Metis Ninja art look SOOOOOO cool!!!

Just buying as much as I can afford which will never be enough!!

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Best looking NFT’s anywhere currently… and future access to BlockchatDAO, a DAO to DAO communication tool… and Powered by Peak Finance! Ticks all the boxes.