Metis Weekly Insight - Onchain and social network data

The Metis Weekly Insight is a set of perfomance index published weekly by @MetisCharter. A Metis Maxi dedicated to spreading the news about the L2 ROLLUP. News about Metis ecosystem is highlighted and shared on our twitter page daily .

Metis Weekly social Radar.

Top 10 Metis Influencers this week!
[:1st_place_medal:] [PolarysDAC]

[:2nd_place_medal:] [LadyofCrypto1]

[:3rd_place_medal:] [QiDaoProtocol]

[:four:] [Crypto_Dep]

[:five:] [AdrianStarr108]

[:six:] [CryptoDiffer]

[:seven:] [kriptoismet]

[:eight:] [MetisDAO]

[:nine:] [Polygon_Space1]

[:keycap_ten:] [ape280]

Metis Weekly Ecosystem Overview.

Spotlight !
[:1st_place_medal:] [SushiSwap]

[:2nd_place_medal:] [QiDaoProtocol] (congrats QiTeam for passing metis community vote)
[:3rd_place_medal:] [AgoraDefi]

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