MetisChicks - Metis N°1 Art NFT Project - Whitelist open

The MetisChicks NFT collection

Why Metis ?

We chose the Andromeda chain because of blazing fast, low cost transactions and its high regard for decentralisation. We also love the upcoming DAC infrastructure and native NFT storage features. In fact, we will be looking to use them as soon as they become available. All in all, we think the various advances brought by Metis will have a tremendous impact on NFTs and we are excited to be able to jump in early.

Three linked collection

The MetisChicks collection will consist of

  • a generative collection, the MetisChicks Classic collection,
  • a handcrafted collection, the MetisChicks Custom collection,
  • and a merchandise collection, the MetisChicks Merchandise collection,

all painstakingly and lovingly designed in-house.

The MetisChicks Classic collection

The MetisChicks Classic collection will consist of 5,000 unique NFTs. They will be created from a combination of over 100 traits with varying rarities, and will be generated in high resolution. Initially, the NFTs will be still images, but once integration with the upcoming native Metis NFT storage layer will be possible, these will be upgraded to animated images. Though we may start upgrading a select number of NFTs before that.

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Medium for further explanations : Metischicks – Medium

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