MMApes...NFTs, De-Fi & P2e coming to $METIS 15/03/22

MMApes is a NFT, DeFi and Gaming project, initially consisting of 10,000 unique apes, with node capable tokens and play to earn gaming to follow.

Our website is here you can find our Roadmap, how we created our NFT range and information in further detail.

MMApes implement a rarity scale which will be visibly reflected/advantageous in future P2E game seasons as we integrate. In the shorter term, our NFT’s come with the exclusive rights to our token airdrop

The utility of our NFT’s are outlined above, to go into greater detail with regards to the token release, our token will be node capable, returning an APR of roughly 1-3% daily, we plan to sustain these rates of return through the additional utility of our Season based game, offering the chance for players to stake tokens against one another, feeding revenue into buybacks of token.

Come drop in our telegram and say hello!