Monkex Coffee Shop Club ☕

Monkex NFT is an evolving project on Metis.
Basically we opened a digital coffee shop club, where you can even order your digital coffee or your favourite drink, hang out and have fun around while enjoying our amazing community and our little Metis HUB that we are already having on our Discord. We have really fancy Monkeys NFT collection and already our own community governance token with deflationary tokenomics.

What we are really doing here on Andromeda network is we are building community behind digital coffee shop club. Project is developed 100% by Metisians, Metis community members and real O.G’s those been around during all bear market and supporting Metis all the time.

Monkex is community based project on Metis Andromeda network. Monkex Coffee Shop Club collection of 5000 NFT and deflationary community governance tokens. We mixed Punks and Apes from Ethereum and result is fabulous. Monkeys with X on the best layer 2 solution — Metis. NFT collection made from 5000 unique collectible web 3 avatars with Bored Apes fur and Punks attributes. Pixelized to Andromeda network with ERC721 standard and 2735 Monkex’s were airdropped to every Metis NFT holder. All the rest were available to mint for free by anyone with Metis wallet and some tokens for gas fees. Now they are only available on secondary marketplaces like TofuNFT and NFT Apparel. Every Monkex is unique and have their own rank and different rarity, you can always check rarity on Metis NFT rarity and analysis tools —

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Lovely project and an amazing place that held together community in hard times.
Without Monkex we would probably see more Aptosians today.

/get coffee


Awwwww, Monkex on CandiDAC!
A community that has undoubtedly spared many people from depression, panic selling, and provided hope in difficult circumstances.

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Great project and I’m glad to see you guys on candiDAC! Support Monkex guys, they’re family!


Just check the telegram group.
It’s the friendliest community I’ve ever seen.
Not only a memecoin, they are also building.
And not only building the community, it’s far more.


Really a very nice community, with a friendly atmosphere. Monkex know what they are doing!