OMO Swap -- Deployed on Metis Mainnet and supported on-chain Swap!

OMO Swap has already supported the Metis Network on May 28th. OMO’s integration into the Metis ecosystem will allow Metis’ users to enjoy the unique cross-chain benefits offered by OMO based on Circle’s CCTP, such as highly capital-efficient liquidity pools,less attack vectors and more. What’s more, OMO’s advanced DEX aggregator can provide its users with advantageous prices, which enables members of Metis community to experience optimal trading prices and routes via the on-chain swap on Metis through OMO.

About O3 Labs

O3 Labs is a blockchain development collective, first launched in 2017. We’re continuously contributing to build the first ever cross-chain bridge and AMM aggregator solution where users could receive original digital assets, and O3 Labs products have been trusted by more than 200,000 users. In 2023, we launched the new product - OMO Swap.


  1. OMO Swap

OMO is a cross-chain aggregation protocol with no liquidity constraints and zero slippage. Users can execute ‘Orders Made Omnichain’ with limitless liquidity. It is also an innovative and open cross-chain solution. Users can do so via connection to a multitude of DEXs, achieving a one step cross-chain swap with a 0 slippage bridge at its center and highly efficient aggregated routes at its flanks.

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  • Zero-Slippage Bridge, Limitless Liquidity
    OMO was built on Circle’s CCTP, and it provides limitless $USDC liquidity with a 1:1 bridging mechanism. That’s why it was called a a zero-slippage, capital-efficient pathway.

  • Less Attack Vectors, Less Passive Pooling
    OMO has no liquidity stored in the bridge, which means there is no possibility that user tokens being hacked. The swaps route’s are provided by Dexs with audited smart contracts, so it’s an extremely light and flexible on-chain aggregator to activate liquidity.

  • All in One “Just go to Omo”
    OMO opens to developers building projects in DeFi (AMMs/NFT/Loan protocols/CEX) and anyone can integrate our SDK or API service for aggregation.

How do we support Metis?

Through aggregating top DEXs on Metis (eg. NetSwap) to activate liquidity, making the better use of capital. Users can seamlessly swap their digital assets with best prices and routes via OMO’s advanced aggregator!

Marketing: Announcement would be posted on Twitter and our communities when OMO is launched on Metis.

Hey there, nice proposal. Two quick questions

There are a lot of bridging options on Metis, with the most recent one being deBridge. How do you intend to compete and differentiate OMO Swap from other bridging solutions already available on Metis?

What unique advantages does OMO Swap offer that will make it the preferred choice for users within the Metis ecosystem?

Thank you.

Hi Omo, Just one question: The zero-slippage bridge is a significant feature. How does OMO ensure this zero-slippage across varying market conditions and high-volume transactions?