P2PX – Fully decentralised Crypto to Fiat On/Off ramps on Metis

P2PX Finance - www.p2px.finance

P2PX is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer On/Off ramp for developing countries, p2px wants to launch in Metis ecosystem. We offer a secure, private P2P Crypto to Fiat exchange, facilitating smooth onramps and offramps enabled by Zk-Proofs and on-chain reputation. Our SDK enables DApps to integrate fiat onramps/offramps as an in-DApp feature.


Addressing the critical need for efficient, secure crypto to fiat conversion, P2PX aims to simplify transactions and boost stable coin adoption in the DeFi ecosystem, particularly within the Metis ecosystem. The P2PX SDK enables DApps on Metis to onramp and offramp for their users in their DApp experience.

Team Behind P2PX

  • Pratik Agarwal, CEO: With extensive experience in the DeFi landscape and a background in top crypto firms like WazirX and Questbooks, Pratik represents years of experience in DeFi space. Linkedin

  • Sandeep M, CMO: An IIT M alumnus and serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in scaling innovative business models with successful multi-million dollar startup exist in the past in the food tech space.

The team combines expertise in blockchain, business development, and user-centric design, driving P2PX’s vision forward.

Past achievements and growth

  • 1: Achieved $500K USDT in volume on polygon network. On-chain metrics here : https://dune.com/p2px/latest

  • 2 : Introduced an on-chain reputation system to prevent fraud, recording 50% monthly growth. 700 MAUs and $100K per month on/off ramp liquidity on the polygon ecosystem.

CVP Status Impact

CVP status will enable us with the following.

  • Deployment on Metis: Development of P2PX V3.0 with enhanced security and user interface on Metis along with SDK integration for DApps on Metis

  • Market Expansion: Strategies to extend our user base to countries such as Nigeria, Vietnam and Kazakhstan - promoting wider Metis adoption.

  • Community Building: Engaging with DApp developers on Metis for feedback and platform improvements.


P2PX represents a strategic investment in the DeFi ecosystem, promising significant benefits to the Metis through increased accessibility and adoption. Your support and recognition is crucial in realising this vision.

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Congratulations on passing CEG votes guys. Quick question though!

As P2PX grows, how do you make sure the platform can handle more users and transactions without sacrificing performance? And how do you plan to keep things financially sustainable in the long run?

Thank you.