Primis Protocol - Decentralized Game Servers powered by Liquid Staking on Metis

Primis Protocol -

Primis Protocol is set to redefine decentralized gaming and economic systems within Metaverse ecosystems by leveraging liquid staking mechanisms and our unique Primis Bonds. As we prepare to launch on the Metis platform, we are seeking grant and marketing support to bring our innovative solutions to a wider audience and enhance user engagement across decentralized environments.


Our primary goal is to address the foundational need for robust economic systems within virtual worlds by integrating chains underlying capabilities to create impactful, sustainable value. The Primis Protocol offers a decentralized infrastructure that supports gaming, social interactions, and economic activities, establishing a seamless interface between users and the digital economy.

Team Behind Primis Protocol

  • Khoubaieb Blili, CEO: A veteran with over a decade in the crypto space and previous engagements with major industry players like Meta and Blockfi. His extensive experience in technology and business development is pivotal to Primis’s vision.
  • Mehdi Merabet, Growth: Co-founder of Teritori Network and a serial entrepreneur with a rich background in go-to-market strategies and crypto.
  • Joshua Palmer, Senior Blockchain Engineer: Brings over eight years of blockchain engineering experience from notable projects like Dream and TrustToken.
  • Kyl, Ecosystem & Partnerships: With a robust network in the web3 space and over eight years in crypto, Kyl is instrumental in building and nurturing our partnerships.
  • Lashe Yaokumi, Lead Product Designer: Formerly with Astraverse & Grey, Lashe drives the product design with a focus on user-centric solutions.

Past Achievements and Growth

  • Successfully deployed Primis Bonds V1 on testnet, introducing a novel bond system that enhances both financial returns and user engagement through our game servers.
  • Cultivated a community of over 12,000 followers and 7,000 active members in less than a month, establishing a solid foundation for user interaction and feedback.

CVP Status Impact

By securing CVP status within the Metis ecosystem, Primis Protocol aims to:

  • Enhance Deployment: Develop and introduce advanced features in our gaming and economic platforms, ensuring seamless integration with the Metis SDK.
  • Market Expansion: Expand our footprint by targeting strategic global markets, thereby promoting wider adoption of the Metis framework.
  • Community Building: Foster deeper engagement with developers and users on Metis to refine and evolve our offerings continually.


Primis Protocol is not just launching another service; we are building the bedrock for future economies in virtual worlds. Our integration into the Metis ecosystem represents a strategic evolution in Metaverse development, promising significant benefits through increased accessibility, enhanced user engagement, and innovative economic models. Your support is crucial for realizing this vision and pioneering new frontiers in decentralized gaming and economic systems.

How does Primis Protocol aim to leverage its liquid staking mechanisms and unique Primis Bonds to redefine economic systems within Metaverse ecosystems, and what specific strategies will the team employ to ensure successful integration and user engagement on the Metis platform?

Primis Protocol is redefining virtual world economies through its innovative approach to Hyper Liquid Staking and Protocol Owned Liquidity. By leveraging sophisticated yield generation mechanisms and strategic integrations, Primis Protocol creates a self-sustaining and user-centric economy within virtual worlds and gaming servers.

Each realm is like a Minecraft server that’s fully procedurally generated, with generative AI integration, like AI agent avatars, as well as world simulations, but can be fully composable by the owner of the realm like a game engine which you can customize like moddable game worlds that’s been prebuilt for you, having the rarity and spawns within being based on the deposit value and maturity period of the metaverse bond.

This creates a seamless UX where players can play a base game and intrinsic gameplay loop with a endless progression and combat system, accompanied with loot and items to find, while at the same time offering full extensibility in terms of development and User-Generated Content.

It ties a scalable minting model with a real economic foundation powered by liquid staking where the assets within the game are generated over time and in each of these realms to become part of the overall production cycle in the metaverse economy.

In terms of successful integration, we believe we have the technical skills for it, and we believe we are creating a virtuous flywheel that will lead to user engagement on the Metis platform.

In conclusion, Primis Protocol represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of Web3 economics. By aligning the product with the underlying security function and integrating the value of liquid staking yields into the application layer, Primis Protocol is creating a more robust, sustainable, and user-friendly Web3 ecosystem.