Proposal: Metis Data Aggregator Dashboard on Alphaday

Alphaday’s Utility

Crypto has exploded in popularity over the last 4-5 years and there is so much going on that it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything. Our user research showed that users are overwhelmed with information and spend a lot of time jumping from one news source to another, from one social site to another, and usually have dozens of tabs open to stay up to date with everything happening in a community.

Alphaday builds crypto experience dashboards for enthusiasts, developers, and projects. Users can drag and drop from hundreds of services, news and social feeds, charts, and dapp functionality to create their daily workflows inside a single dashboard. This eliminates the need to have multiple browser tabs open to get different bits of information. i.e. imagine having token prices, gas prices, twitter feed, latest news headlines, TVL, and any other information any user could possibly want all within one single dashboard.


According to our conducted market research on users, currently people’s regular crypto workflows consist of jumping from one browser tab to another to check prices, read news, follow twitter, participate in discussions. A typical crypto user will have 6 to 10 open tabs at any given time and people have referred to Alphaday as the ‘tab killer’ because all the information you’d need across all your different tabs is available in Alphaday. In this sense, we do not have any direct competitor that can provide 50 different types of services and functionality within one dashboard.


Alphaday does not (currently) have any smart contracts deployed. However, before a newly built widget or feature is deployed for users, there are procedures we follow regarding thorough testing practices. If anything may potentially break user experience in any way, we do our best to spot it before it goes live and fix it.

What we want to build for you

We would like to create a Metis ecosystem dashboard that aggregates the following information into a single community dashboard:

  • The latest Metis official announcements and blog post content.

  • A feed of all news mentions of Metis from coindesk, cointelegraph and 20+ other news sources aggregated from across the internet.

  • A calendar containing all Metis events including Metis Governance votes, meetups, hackathons with Metis bounties, AMAs.

  • Podcast feed containing the latest appearances and interviews given by Metis team members.

  • Youtube stream containing educational Metis content.

  • Metis Document directory.

  • METIS token current market price.

  • Integration with Metis Forum to show the latest and trending discussion topics.

  • Twitter, Discord, & Telegram Integration to show a feed of latest discussions.

  • FAQ, tech and org whitepapers, METIS tokenomics information.

  • Metis Careers integration to show the latest open jobs listed on Metis.

  • Metis and Metis ecosystem TVL data (through Defillama integration).

  • Developer and user tools, links, and descriptions for navigation and engagement within the Metis Ecosystem.

  • Metis metrics including TVL, number of trades and other metrics pulled in from Dune Analytics

  • A widget featuring the Metis roadmap with all the descriptions and links included.

  • Developer and user tools, links, and descriptions for navigation and engagement within the Metis Ecosystem, including the platform.

  • Metis user-growth, trading data and other metrics pulled in from Dune Analytics.

We should be able to build and deploy the above dashboard within 2 months so if this grant is approved we want to launch the Metis dashboard by August 2023.

Thereafter, we will maintain & curate the dashboard on a daily basis throughout a year, as well as improve the functionality and availability of features in our application as a whole.

Please note that we can add and remove widgets and/or contents as required by the team or community. For a brief idea about other widgets and data that we can include, please visit our Live product page (Beta) at:


Phase 1, Q3 2022 (completed):

  • Beta launch with 32 widgets
  • Customizable board functionality
  • Multi-widget global search

Phase 2, Q4 2022 (completed):

  • V1 launch

  • Widget Library

  • Board Library

  • UI/UX Update

  • Video & Podcast players

Phase 3, H1 2023:

  • DApp interactivity

  • Swap, staking, Lend, Borrow

  • Subscription model

  • Social Layer with Commenting system

Future Phases, H2 2023:

  • Expansion to equities, commodities, forex, real estate
  • AI-derived research analysis and reports

Alphaday’s Audit Information

Given that we do not have any smart contracts deployed on Alphaday, auditing is deemed unnecessary.

Video Briefing

Relevant Links

Live Product:

Landing Page:


Discord: Alphaday

Github: Alphaday · GitHub


Hey AlphaDay, great proposal. I think it’s a great infrastructure addition to the Metis eco for new and existing users to find all network things.

I was wondering -

a) Are there plans to integrate portals into different projects built on Metis? So basically a user can find out how to enter different projects on the network through AlphaDay Dashboard?

b) Is there a place for discussion? Or is the Dashboard mainly sending users to the official discussion zones within the Metis eco?

Thank you!

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Hello @rlntlss.eth, thanks for the feedback.

To answer your questions:
a) For now this kind of development is beyond our reach. We have several options on how to integrate portals in the future, as we do want Alphaday to be able to do that. One way would be to delegate the task to each partnered project. However, for now the only thing Alphaday is capable of doing is creating lists and links (i.e. the ecosystem widget).
Our dev team is still small and very busy, but given enough time (& resources) I believe we’ll achieve that level.
b) We have a basic Chatbox widget, I can add it to the board if you and others agree. Currently, this is a ‘global’ chatbox so all dashboards that it is added to can post in it. Note that Metis’ board would be the first.
Let me know if you have any further questions.

good project. let’s seethe next.

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Great proposal, btw here are few questions

  1. How do you plan to ensure real-time aggregation and curation of Metis-related content from various sources, considering the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency news and events?

  2. Can you elaborate on your strategy for maintaining and updating the Metis ecosystem dashboard on a daily basis for an entire year, including any potential challenges you foresee in sustaining this level of engagement and curation?

  3. Given the evolving nature of the Metis ecosystem and community preferences, how flexible is your dashboard in terms of adding or removing widgets and content, and how do you plan to adapt to changing requirements and user feedback over time?

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Hello @Bells, very good questions. Please see below the answer to each, respectively:

  1. Most of our widgets and content displayed is automated. ie. the Social widgets (Discord, Blog, Videos, Podcasts, etc.) are all automated in the backend and are imported within just a few hours after release. Note that currently, we have a couple of small issues regarding Discord importation but we will fix them shortly. As for the rest of the content, please see below (at the end) where I give you a more well-rounded answer.
  2. We are growing as a team, and the more we grow the easier it gets to maintain data. For now, we focus on maintaining the data integrity of our partners’ dashboards on more of a weekly basis rather than daily. Daily check ups are done to ensure that automated importations are functional. Upon request from the Metis team or the community, we prioritize the changes on the same day (unless there is a technical blocker).
  3. We are very open to changes and adaptation to both requirements and feedback. As a relatively new project, we cannot afford to be stringent in our services, as we still are in the exploration phase in understanding the needs of our users. The path we take in adapting to changes depends on user feedback as well as user behaviour on our platform (clicks, widgets used, dashboards most visited, etc.).
    It is in our plans to delegate the task of maintenance to each of our partners’ teams (other than backend and automation). When/If this is implemented, the Metis team would have access to the dashboard and curate it to their needs. In other words, Alphaday would become more of a service as a customizable-dashboard-creator-tool for projects like Metis. However, even though for the content team the development of this is highest priority, it still falls behind other development goals that are prioritized by the dev-team. I’ll let you know if this changes in the next few months.