Proposal to allow interoperability of Metis Chain users

About CryptoLink

CryptoLink is a cross-chain infrastructure project that provides extensible solutions and utilities to the Web3 space.

Our technology platform is revolutionizing the way different blockchain networks communicate and interact with each other. In a rapidly evolving decentralized landscape, our technology acts as a vital bridge, seamlessly connecting various chains and unlocking a world of new possibilities.

We are on a mission to breakdown the barriers and make web3 seamless.
We provide cross-chain infrastructure and developer assistance to other projects to allow them to break down the barriers between blockchains. With our tech builders can create:

  • Cross-chain NFT collections
  • AnyToAny token swaps across multiple blockchains
  • Multi-chain ICOs
  • Omnichain lending
  • Social media to blockchain
  • Unified metaverses
  • or any other custom products

One of the products built on top of our technology is called “AnyToAny” — where users can swap between blockchains at the speed of finality of each blockchain (typically 15 second cross-chain message transfers) Check it out here: (it can also be a widgetized) Basically, at CryptoLink, we’re the one stop shop when it comes to all things cross-chain.

Project Whitepaper:

Roadmap: Roadmap - Whitepaper

Value Proposition

The Problem:

Legacy cross-chain projects often face several challenges that hinder the seamless transfer of assets and data across blockchain networks. These challenges can be categorized into four primary characteristics:

Speed - Users are bogged down by slow bridging speeds and the multiple swap sites needed to go from one chain to the next.

Cost - Multiple transactions plus hidden bridging fees make cross-chain swaps too expensive.

Scalability - Most current “solutions” have built their own intermediary blockchains. This creates long-term scalability issues and decentralization risks.

Security - Bridges have proven to be exploitable due to developers using bulky code with a plethora of attack vectors.

The Solution:

CryptoLink enables the seamless transfer of assets and data across blockchain networks. Our platform offers innovative solutions that tackle the following four key characteristics:

Speed - CryptoLink sends cross-chain messages at the speed of blockchain finality - we are fully optimized for each individual blockchain.

Cost - We do not have any hidden fees or “gotcha” costs for any of our products.

Scalability - CryptoLink scales with each blockchain by not using an intermediary chain.

Security - We prioritize asset and data security by eliminating attack vectors wherever possible. For example - Asset bridging does not hold liquidity.

The METIS network is already supported by CryptoLink, users will be able to swap from the chains we are already currently on all with 1 click. We are constantly adding new chains.


Fastest cross-chain service on the planet, all with only 1 click.
Active community and a team that will support the projects on the Metis Chain.

Support required

Co-marketing support as soon as possible. AMA with the community at Metis. Visibility to new projects that are engaging the Metis Community. Validators that will stake funds to provide PoS on Metis Chain, liquidity to increase ease of swapping and earn rewards.

Best regards,

Team CryptoLink

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Dear Team of CryptoLink,

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to apply and meet with your team about the Community Verification Process. We enjoyed learning more about your business as well as your features and product direction. We regret to inform you that we’ve to Decline your application due to the lack of necessary Content Requirements for passing the CEG, which are described at Proposal Requirements - Community Ecosystem Governance

  • The Metis Network is not integrated into any-to-any exchange
  • Uniqueness factor, Bridge Pool is filled in Metis Ecosystem, but we are still looking for high lvl bridges
  • Small Community

Once you get missing Content Requirements, feel free to submit the proposal again in CVP in Review category, and we will be happy to resume the process

Thank you for your consideration.