Proposal to enable interoperability of Metis chain users


We are CryptoLink, a cross-chain interoperability protocol that has developed a proprietary way to send and receive signals between the chains instantly and securely.

We are launching an Any to Any cross-chain DEX on top of this tech as our flagship product where users would be able to swap $Metis on the Metis Chain directly to $SPHERE on Polygon in one click (For example).

PAPER is our bridging token and is paired with the Native asset on each chain like $METIS, $MATIC, $FTM, etc. It is instantly transferrable between the chains.

We are an infrastructure project and as such, our goal is share this technology with everyone in this space. We can partner to be a cross chain bridging solution, we also give this tech out to other projects as a service. We call that Trustless Bridging as a Service or TBaaS. We can take anyone else’s tokens, NFTs, or any other form of data cross-chain without using wrapped assets as long as they still have control over their mint functions. We offer this for no upfront cost to the project, so in theory any collection or project could go cross-chain tomorrow with us for free.

What truly separates us other than our speed is our security and decentralization.

We have programmed a security watcher role so our auditors can monitor all transactions 24/7.

Furthermore, we use a Multi-Layered Validation Solution (MLVS) which is the highest standard of Decentralization. They are four layers, using different types of proofs. The first is the layer ran by CryptoLink, the second layer are the Bridge Miners ran by any individuals (PoS), the third layer is the Industry Miners (PoR) such as our auditing firm (Prisma Shield) and the fourth layer is the Project Miners such as any projects or chains that want to also validate transactions of their communities.

CryptoLink does not hold any liquidity on the bridge is one of the major attack vectors exploited by cyber criminals recently.

We would like to be introduced to the Metis community and share our technology. We have already spoken to Norbert on Telegram who asked us to follow the process here to look for partnerships and marketing collaboration.


Hello CryptoLink team,

Could you please add links to your product website, and attach audits, stats, social networks. Please check the link below and use it an example.