Sequencer Proposal : A41

Executive Summary

  • A41 (, based in Seoul, is a blockchain infrastructure provider established in 2022.

  • As one of the fastest-growing validators last year, A41 has actively participated in 20+ blockchains including LSP (Liquid Staking Protocols) s such as Lido and mETH as an operator. Recognized as a trusted infrastructure provider with a proven track record of excellence, we deliver optimal performance and security.

  • Our total staked assets have reached $2.2 billion, managing 1.5% of Ethereum staking. The infrastructure team consists of six senior full-time DevOps engineers, supporting 24/7 node operation. Each team member possesses technical expertise in cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, and blockchain engineering.

Service Level Agreement

  1. We have onboarded a total of 20+ blockchains, including Aptos, SUI, Solana, ETH, Polygon, Flare, Archway, CosmosHub, dydx, Finschia, Haqq, Kyve, Medibloc, Neutron, Noble, Osmosis, Sei, Stargaze, Stride, Tenet, Zetachain, NEAR, and Injective.

  2. We commit to providing a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) to our clients. Our baremetal infrastructure is hosted at KT Gangnam IDC (Tier IV) and KT Seocho Datacenter (Tier III) in Seoul, Korea.

  3. We utilize baremetal with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), specifically YubiHSM2. Additionally, our cloud operations include backup servers and monitoring/alert systems on AWS (regions: Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka) and seven servers in the EU region via VSP (OVH). Our DevOps team ensures 24/7 monitoring and respond to errors or update nodes through the bastion host which needs two-factor authentication.

Integration Roadmap

  1. As mentioned above, A41 operates as a node operator managing over 20 blockchain networks and more than 15,000 Ethereum Validators. Providing a large-scale infrastructure environment, we will securely support the operation of Metis. We have established a 24/7 monitoring environment and alert system, ensuring high levels of liveness by applying our expertise to operate the Metis Sequencer.

  2. We will collaborate with the Metis team and other operators to support the construction of a safer decentralized sequencing infrastructure. A41 owns two physically separated data centers in Seoul, South Korea, where we operate most chains in a bare-metal environment. This contributes to the regional decentralization of Metis and decentralization from cloud providers.

Benefits to community

  • A41 actively contributes to the Metis community by (1) building brand awareness and (2) providing Go-To-Market (GTM) support for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, especially Korea.

  • During ETH Denver, A41 hosted the “Stakeholder: Infra Open House,” co-hosted by Metis. By representing the session on “L2 and Rollup,” A41 and Metis effectively co-built brand awareness. A41 aims to host a 2-day full infrastructure summit at the upcoming Token 2049 and side events in KBW. These marketing efforts aim to extend and effectively connect the Metis team with the APAC region.

  • In Staking Rewards, A41 has achieved the highest rating score, being recognized as an AAA verified staking operator.

  • Here are additional attachments to assess the performance and proven track record of A41.

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