Sequencer Proposal: Blockdaemon

Executive Summary

  • Blockdaemon is the largest independent blockchain infrastructure provider.
  • Since 2017, our 200+ team members have launched and managed over 150,000 nodes across 40+ leading blockchain protocols.
  • Our APIs support billions of read & write calls per month.
  • As an ISO27001 certified, institutional-grade, security provider we also currently secure well over $100Bn of digital assets for the leading institutions via our staking platform and our MPC-based self-custodial solutions.
  • Our 400+ institutional and enterprise customers include Circle, Goldman Sachs, Plaid, MetaMask, Microsoft, OpenSea, Bitcoin Suisse, Zodia Custody, etc., demonstrating our products’ robustness, security, and compliance.
  • We are the sole blockchain provider with 3 of the largest US banks as our investors: JP Morgan and Chase, Citi Bank, and Goldman Sachs.
  • We have been a genesis partner for over 25 blockchain networks.
  • Finally, in regards to sequencer support, Blockdaemon has developed critical experience by being the first and only infrastructure partner of Espresso Systems (which currently supports 4 rollup stacks (Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon zkEVM, Cartesi) to develop a shared sequencing technology supporting high transactional volume.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Blockdaemon runs nodes in over 70 different locations, via cloud or bare-metal servers, to minimize latency and optimize for high-performance. Our Data Centers are all SOC-2 compliant and run with sustainable energy.
  • Our SLAs are best described in our Master Service Agreement (eg 99.9% uptime, 24/7 on-call and direct access to customer support, QA and Testing all systems and subsystems (monitoring, logging, balancing), emergency response and resolution SLAs, 100% slashing insurance if applicable, etc.)
  • Via proprietary technology we have extended logging and insights to (pro)actively help with providing debug information for any issues or performance metrics.

Benefits for Community (optional)

  • Blockdaemon is one of the largest staking providers and can offer validator services at an institutional level, including ability to:
    • Pass the strictest compliance and security requirements for institutions
    • Support staking and reporting APIs via a secure web-app to meet strict reporting requirements
    • Seamless integration with leading qualified custodians, oracle
  • Blockdaemon gives Metis the ability to grow its ecosystem by tapping into broader institutional adoption.
  • Blockdaemon participates in governance.; supports your network and community growth by dedicating business development and marketing resources to increase institutional reach.

Integration Roadmap

  • Blockdaemon is growing the number of networks supported across its various products: nodes, RPC & RESTFul APIs, indexer, oracle, relayers, sequencers, validators, staking APIs, MPC-based Wallet and other self-custody solutions.
  • Blockdaemon is also growing the number of protocols supported in its partner integrations, particularly qualified custodians.

Official Links: Website, Docs, Audits, etc.