Sequencer Proposal:

We are glad to announce Blockscope proposal for becoming a sequencer for Metis blockchain.

Blockscope, with over 4 years of experience pioneering the industry, manages a portfolio exceeding $450 million USD in client assets. Our engineering projects have been granted by the Solana Foundation and the Near Foundation for our valuable development contributions.

We oversee nodes on over 20 networks, including prominent blockchain projects like Solana, Near, Sui, Sei, Celestia, Mina,, Dymension, Moonriver, and Cartesi Ethereum L2.

We are confident that our expertise in Web3 development and infrastructure, coupled with our track record in supporting leading projects in the space, will bring significant value to the Metis ecosystem.

Infrastructure and SLAs

Our SLAs are designed to ensure optimal performance and uninterrupted uptime for our server infrastructure and services.

  • Performance: we run high grade bare metal servers on top-performing blockchains like Solana, Sui or Sei. We’ve earned recognition through delegation programs and forged partnerships with institutional custodians and brokers such as BitGo and Horizon Data.
  • Security: leveraging technologies such as multi-party computation, sentry architecture, along with robust monitoring and operations, we ensure reliability in our operations.
  • Uptime: backed by redundant infrastructure and failover mechanisms, proactive 24/7 monitoring and rapid incident response protocols, we maximize uptime levels of 99.9% on our services.

Blockscope also brings expertise in providing additional infrastructure:

  • Proprietary Indexer APIs to enhance apps with aggregated on-chain data.
  • RPCs, Relayers and Bridges to provide interoperability, performance, and decentralization.
  • Custom high performance Solana validators for institutional brokers.

Software Development

We strive to enhance the ecosystems that place their trust in us by delivering additional value through development initiatives. Below are some of the contributions we’ve made to other blockchain ecosystems.

  • Near: Nearscope, reference explorer with +15,000/month users. Visit
  • Sui: Sonar, Discord based validator monitoring platform.Visit
  • Solana: comprehensive validator monitoring software.Visit
  • Sei: tool for Sei price-feeder oracle monitoring.Visit
  • Subsquid: monitoring software for data workers.Visit

Community Support

As technology advocates, our portfolio comprises top projects that we believe in wholeheartedly, due to their unparalleled technological advancements. We view the success of Metis as our own, and thus we aim to provide added value to the ecosystem.

  • Software development: A significant portion of our Metis sequencer earnings will be reinvested into the development of software for the ecosystem. This initiative aims to drive innovation and enhance the functionality of Metis.

  • Evangelization:Through our social networks and blog articles, we will actively engage in effective communication and advocacy efforts to promote awareness and adoption of Metis technology.

  • Governance: We will play an active role in governance processes within the Metis DAO, contributing to discussions in a thoughtful manner. By doing so, we aim to elevate the quality of the governance processes.

Where To Find Us

:envelope_with_arrow: Website :: :: Medium :: Email