Sequencer Proposal: Criterion

Criterion has been a long-time supporter of Metis. You may know our team as and we are incredibly excited for the opportunity to become part of the Metis Decentralized Sequencer Pool.

Executive Summary

Criterion ( is an early stage investment fund, focused exclusively on investment related to blockchain technology, digital currency, and cryptocurrency.

Our VC is actively advising projects, which includes sharing experience, offering solutions, providing business contacts and market entry.

In particular, we provide a full spectrum of services to all stages of companies across the digital asset and fintech space, including:


Strategy and corporate development

Partnerships and market entry strategies

Technical solutions and contract audits

Legal services

In addition to our fund, Criterion recently expanded into validator services.

  • More than $100.000.000 staked assets on our nodes

  • Validating 25+ blockchains

Benefits for Community

Criterion alongside, has been vibing with Metis. Think of us as the behind-the-scenes infra supporters for the Metis ambassadors program, weaving our services and support into their mission.

Criterion will work with the Metis Team to ensure the flawless run of the new sequencer node. Given our previous experience, Criterion is confident that we will have the resources necessary for a successful and prompt participation.

Official Links:

Website - and

Telegram - @yegor_vv


That’s lovely and awesome :blush:

It’s nice having u around a great project


thank you a lot for kind words!

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