Sequencer Proposal: HashKey Cloud

Executive Summary

HashKey Cloud, as a leading provider of Web3 infrastructure in Asia, is dedicated to delivering professional, stable, secure, and compliant blockchain infrastructure services to clients worldwide.

With our node validation services encompassing over 50 mainstream public chains and ongoing exploration of Ethereum Layer2 and Bitcoin Lightning Network technologies, the total staked assets of Hashkey Cloud have exceeded $3.6 billion, and the number of Ethereum validators currently managed is about 20,000. This achievement is attributed to our extensive experience in specialized node validation since 2018, our investment in robust hardware, comprehensive monitoring of node security, and our steadfast commitment to supporting the long-term ecosystem development of our project partners.

Hashkey Cloud provides staking service dashboard for:



We also run sentry/peer nodes and archival nodes for other projects, such as:

Usually, we can provide or customize other services according to the needs of the project.

We provide reliable monitoring solutions for the Cosmos ecosystem, offering dependable monitoring services to validators within the Cosmos ecosystem projects.

We participated in the performance testing of the Obol and Lido projects:

We collaborate with SSV to provide liquidity solutions:

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We support staking on 53 PoS blockchain networks. The validation efficiency of Ethereum validators exceeds 99.9%.

We follow the uptime requirements of each chain, community governance voting requirements, promptly upgrade node service software as per project requirements, and handle each incident openly and transparently.

Benefits for Community (optional)

  • We can provide the community with stable and reliable reliable sequencer and validation services 24/7, promptly addressing any emergencies.
  • Hashkey will become a steadfast partner in the Metis ecosystem, fully empowering Metis.
  • HashKey Cloud has its own token liquidity staking product, which can provide white-label LSD products for Metis.
  • We are actively promoting collaborations between iZumi and other DeFi infrastructure, aiming to introduce new funds to Metis while providing more high-availability DeFi applications for the Metis ecosystem.
  • We are driving cooperation between Metis and Swell Network, hoping to introduce more mature LSD protocols into the Metis ecosystem. We plan to launch LSD services on Metis to provide richer ecosystem support for Metis.
  • Hashkey Cloud is searching for the next generation of promising dApps for the Metis ecosystem to bring in more new users.
  • Leveraging the powerful brand resources of the HashKey Group, HashKey Cloud can provide more support to Metis in the Asian market.

Official Links: Website, Docs, Audits, etc.


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