Sequencer Proposal:

Title: A Comprehensive Proposal for the Metis Network


Hello Metis Community! is thrilled to present our candidacy as a Decentralized Sequencer, bringing to the table our extensive expertise in robust infrastructure, data analytics, infrastructure as a service, white-label solutions, strategic collaborations, and a strong commitment to the blockchain ecosystem’s growth and diversification.

Our Comprehensive Expertise and Infrastructure

At, we’ve positioned ourselves as leaders in blockchain infrastructure and data solutions, renowned for our:

  • Advanced Data Analytics: Spearheading the backend for platforms like Osmosis and dYdX v4, we provide real-time, accurate analytics crucial for both community insight and institutional decision-making.
  • Robust RPC Infrastructure: Managing over 75M daily RPC requests, our infrastructure supports high-demand environments with reliability and efficiency.
  • White-Label Excellence: Our tailored white-label services empower clients with reliable blockchain solutions under their branding, enhancing their offerings.

Strategic Collaborations Enhancing the Ecosystem

Our engagement with top-tier institutional partners and contributions to the community underscore our holistic approach to ecosystem growth:

  • Prestigious Institutional Partnerships: Working alongside Anchorage Digital, Bitgo,, and more, we facilitate secure, streamlined blockchain asset management.
  • Influential Data Institutions : Our data is trusted and utilized by leading platforms such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, TokenTerminal, and TradingView, ensuring our contributions and analytics are accessible and impactful.
  • Dynamic Community Services: From personalized user dashboards to enriching educational content and technical support, we’re dedicated to empowering and engaging the blockchain community.

Unparalleled Contributions and Innovations stands out for our unique contributions and forward-thinking innovations in the blockchain space:

  • “Fast and Crypto” Series: Our YouTube series showcases quick, insightful interviews with blockchain project leaders, enhancing community knowledge and engagement.
  • Global Language Accessibility: We break down barriers by providing resources in six languages, ensuring broad accessibility and inclusivity across the globe.
  • Design Agency Collaborations: Partnering with leading design agencies, we’ve contributed to projects like Satellite (Axelar) and Osmosis, blending technical prowess with aesthetic excellence.
  • Prominent Relaying Operations: As a leading operator of IBC, Wormhole, and Hyperlane, we facilitate crucial cross-chain transfers and communications.

Dedicated Team and Robust Infrastructure

Our team of six, including five technical experts and one business developer, upholds a 99.99% uptime SLA, underscored by our comprehensive infrastructure strategy:

  • Team Expertise: Our team’s expertise spans across critical areas such as data analytics, blockchain infrastructure development, and community engagement, ensuring we deliver comprehensive solutions and support.
  • Unwavering Reliability: We pledge a 99.99% uptime SLA, a testament to our commitment to reliability and excellence in service delivery. Our proactive approach to maintenance and updates ensures seamless operations.
  • Geographical Diversity and Security: Our infrastructure strategy emphasizes geographical diversity and high-grade security. Operating on bare-metal servers sourced from trusted providers like OVH, Scaleway, and AWS, we ensure redundancy and high availability across different regions.
  • Cutting-Edge Security Protocols: The security of our operations is fortified with stringent protocols, including advanced firewall setups, multi-factor authentication, and continuous monitoring, ensuring our systems and data remain protected against threats.
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery: Our disaster recovery plans are robust, incorporating regular data backups and failover mechanisms, guaranteeing continuity and resilience under any circumstances.

Why for Metis?

Electing as a Decentralized Sequencer means prioritizing data-driven decisions, infrastructure reliability, and a diverse service ecosystem. Our track record in analytics, RPC management, and community engagement, combined with our strategic partnerships, positions us as an ideal candidate to support and enhance the Metis network.

Support Our Vision for a Thriving Metis Ecosystem

We are excited about the opportunity to contribute our vast expertise and innovative solutions to the Metis ecosystem. Thank you for considering in your quest for a Decentralized Sequencer that stands for reliability, innovation, and community empowerment.

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