Sequencer Proposal: InfraSingularity

Executive Summary

InfraSingularity aims to revolutionize the Web3 ecosystem as a pioneering Web3 Investor, and builder. Our long-term vision is to establish ourselves as the first-of-its-kind in this domain, spearheading investment and infrastructure.

Operationally, InfraSingularity manages secure staking services for assets exceeding USD $300 million across various blockchain networks, with a primary focus on Ethereum. This financial backing underscores our dedication to driving significant value and innovation within the Web3 ecosystem.

At InfraSingularity, we are investing and building infrastructure for many major protocols like ChainFlip, Witness Chain, Avail, Diva, Subsquid, Babylon, Namada, Zetachain, Lavanet, Eigenlayer (both as an Operator and Native restaker), Connext (founding liquidity node partner), and others, primarily through Validator and Liquidity Infrastructure, to bolster growth especially in the early stages.

Our strategic partnerships with leading venture capital firms; provide enhanced liquidity solutions. These partnerships leverage our expertise in the Web3 Infra space and combine it with the capital and networks of prominent VC firms, ensuring robust liquidity support for the projects we invest in and build infrastructure for.

Furthermore, InfraSingularity actively engages with the EigenLayer ecosystem, providing support for AVS and LRT to contribute to its growth and development as Operators.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

At InfraSingularity, we recognize that precise SLA and uptime numbers are contingent upon the network’s dynamics and operational intricacies. We are committed to tailoring our service commitments to align with the specific requirements and capabilities of the Metis ecosystem.

While we strive to maintain industry-leading uptime levels, our exact SLA and uptime figures will be determined in conjunction with the Metis network’s operational parameters. This flexibility ensures that our commitments remain responsive and adaptable to evolving network conditions.

Additionally, our approach to key backup strategy remains steadfast. We maintain both cold physical and encrypted backups of Metis Sequencer keys, providing a robust safety net against unforeseen contingencies. This proactive measure reinforces our commitment to security and continuity, regardless of fluctuating network dynamics.

InfraSingularity’s commitment to reliability and resilience remains unwavering, anchored in our proactive approach to SLAs and key backup strategies tailored to the unique needs of the Metis ecosystem.

Benefits for Community

InfraSingularity’s involvement brings a host of benefits to the Metis community, fostering growth, accessibility, and collaboration within the ecosystem.

  • Enhanced Connectivity through Connext Routers:
    As Connext routers, InfraSingularity serves as a vital bridge, facilitating seamless connectivity between Metis and major projects within the blockchain space. By leveraging our infrastructure and expertise, we enhance accessibility to Metis, enabling users to bridge assets and engage with the ecosystem effortlessly.

  • Synergy with Partner Networks:
    Our collaboration with a diverse ecosystem of partner networks amplifies the reach and impact of Metis. By leveraging our collective resources, expertise, and networks, we create a dynamic environment where ideas flourish, opportunities abound, and innovation thrives. Together, we pave the way for seamless integration, interoperability, and growth within the Metis ecosystem.

  • On-chain Liquidity with VC Partners:
    InfraSingularity’s strategic partnerships with VC firms play a pivotal role in enhancing on-chain liquidity for Metis. Through these alliances, we facilitate robust liquidity provision, ensuring a stable and vibrant environment for token holders, developers, and network participants. By leveraging the expertise and resources of our VC partners, we bolster Metis’ market viability and solidify its position as a leading Web3 protocol.

Integration Roadmap

Upon receiving approval to support Metis, InfraSingularity will adhere to Metis’s recommended integration timeline, ensuring a seamless transition into our role as a Sequencer Node. Here’s a brief overview of our proposed roadmap:

  1. Deployment Phase:
    We’ll kick off by deploying the Sequencer node, acquiring the necessary 20,000 METIS tokens, and promptly registering our node details.

  2. Testing Phase:
    Collaborating closely with the Metis team, we’ll conduct thorough testing to ensure our node meets all technical requirements and security standards. This includes implementing monitoring and alerting systems, leveraging tools like Grafana and Prometheus to ensure comprehensive oversight of node performance.

  3. Launch:
    Following successful testing and validation, we’ll officially launch operations as a Sequencer Node, ready to contribute actively to the Metis ecosystem.

  4. Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization:
    Continuous monitoring of node performance metrics using Grafana and Prometheus will enable us to maintain peak efficiency and security. We’ll also implement periodic updates and optimizations as needed to ensure seamless operation throughout our tenure as a Sequencer Node.

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