Sequencer Proposal: Kukis Global


Kukis Global would be a great candidate to join the Metis Decentralised Sequencer ecosystem.

Introducing Kukis Global:
Kukis Global is a Web3 infrastructure company managing European-based enterprise-grade infrastructure for various projects and protocols, including operating infrastructure for the Metis ecosystem with Chainlink Data Feed support through our LinkForest Chainlink node operator. LinkForest has been supporting Chainlink since testnet, and was onboarded to mainnet in 2019.

Operationally, Kukis Global is providing secure staking services for >USD$1B in assets across several blockchain networks, primarily Ethereum.

Staying at the forefront of industry advancements, Kukis Global actively engages in the EigenLayer ecosystem, supporting AVS and LRT.

Kukis Global’s commitment to security, reliability, and support for the networks it operates is unwavering. Given the team’s expertise and a shared commitment to open-source values, Kukis Global is a prime candidate for the sequencer pool for these reasons:

  1. Metis Operational Experience
  2. Performance Feedback
  3. SLAs
  4. Community
  5. Anti-Slashing Commitment

Metis Operational Experience

Kukis Global currently manages two full Metis nodes within our Chainlink setup, indicating that integrating sequencer support would be straightforward. With nearly 5 years of experience in managing Chainlink infrastructure, our team is well-versed in maintaining essential connectivity to load-balanced RPCs.

Performance Feedback

If Kukis Global’s proposal is accepted, we will offer continuous insights to the Metis team on enhancing sequencer technology and its optimization for the Metis L2.

We aim to establish monitoring, alerting, and best practices standards for Sequencer Nodes in security and operations. Our near half-decade of experience as Chainlink operators equips us to significantly contribute.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Kukis Global will ensure a 99.95% uptime SLA for the Metis Sequencer, effective once the network is live, excluding any test phases or issues beyond our control, like sequencer bugs.

  • We’ll maintain both physical and encrypted backups of Metis Sequencer keys for disaster recovery, ensuring continuous operation under any circumstances.


As active members of the Metis community, Kukis Global will participate in events, forums, and media engagements to promote the Metis ecosystem’s growth, focusing in the EU region.

Kukis Global aims to facilitate METIS staking on the sequencer, striving to amass 100,000 METIS to become a leading sequencer through partner collaborations.

Anti-Slashing Commitment

While the Metis DAO is still defining slashing conditions, our interpretation suggests that avoiding them requires focusing on:

  • High uptime, connectivity, and availability;
  • Access to keys and backups maintenance;
  • A pledge to uphold the sequencing integrity.

To meet these requirements, Kukis Global plans to use highly balanced infrastructure and prioritize key security, as outlined in our SLA. Additionally, we commit to ethical transaction ordering and maintaining code integrity in line with Metis DAO’s directives, avoiding any actions that could undermine the network (e.g., collusion with MEV traders).

Deployment Roadmap

Following approval by the DAO to support Metis, we will adhere to the suggested timeline. The primary steps include:

1. Deployment Phase: Initiate the Sequencer node operation and secure a minimum of 20,000 METIS, followed by sequencer registration.
2. Testing Phase: Conduct thorough Sequencer node testing with the Metis team to meet all technical and security requirements, including the setup of necessary monitoring and alerting systems.
3. Launch: Officially start our Sequencer Node operations upon successful testing.
4. Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization: Continually monitor node performance, with regular updates and adjustments as required for maximum efficiency and security.
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