Sequencer Proposal: MatrixedLink

Executive Summary

Metis’ decentralized Proof of Stake (PoS) sequencer pool, a cornerstone of its blockchain infrastructure, enhances network decentralization and stability through a multi-sequencer system. This model allows users to directly participate in sequencer benefits. MatrixedLink, a Chainlink Node Operator and Node Service Provider, proposes to run a sequencer for the decentralized sequencer pool, having been in continuous communication with the Metis Foundation.

MatrixedLink has a notable track record, contributing significantly to the Chainlink Network, specifically with the creation of the first custom DON (GainsNetwork), a highly profitable Decentralized Oracle Network. Over 10 million on-chain oracle requests have been fulfilled, securing billions in Total Value Locked (TVL). Noteworthy collaborations include Chainlink, GainsNetwork, Infura, Enjin and Lido Finance, showcasing our expertise and reliability.

We run infrastructure on multiple chains for Chainlink. Some of our Chainlink oracle nodes:

We are a genesis oracle operator on the gTrade DEX. We have already fulfilled over 5 million oracle requests on-chain since 2021 for gTrade. By running a Chainlink Node for the platform we contribute to securing over $200m daily volume and over $200M TVL across multiple chains.

We are part of the Decentralized Infrastructure Network by Infura/Consensys. We contribute to the decentralization of the infrastructure layer by running RPC-nodes for this initiative. Infura is the oldest RPC-provider in the market and also powers Metamask.

Enjin is an NFT platform project that has its own ecosystem of multiple blockchains. We run infrastructure in the form of multiple different Nodes for them, contributing to the securing of close to $500M TVL .

Lido Finance:
We are part of the Lido DVT Testnet. By running a highly performant SSV operator, we help Lido Finance test out the new DVT technology. As seen with the successful Obol Network DVT Testnet, it is expected that highly performant operators will deploy on mainnet soon.

You can read about most of our integrations on our website.

Service Level Agreements

Operational Performance

MatrixedLink maintains peak operational performance for its servers, ensuring meticulous management and optimization of all nodes. With a commitment to a reliable and efficient operational environment, downtime and disruptions are minimized, supporting the continuous flow of high-speed transactions. Our SLAs boast a 99.95% uptime for some validators and public endpoints, with a service response time usually within a minute, facilitated by a custom alerting solution and a red-phone system.

Benefits for community

As a founding Node Operator of the DAO, MatrixedLink has contributed to the accrual of $36M TVL. In collaboration with the DAO and the Metis Foundation, we aim to deploy on Metis L2 for the Decentralized Sequencer Pool. This integration ensures that highly performant and professional Node Operators, such as ourselves, secure Metis L2, opening up opportunities for the Chainlink and Metis community.

Integration Roadmap

Upon the acceptance of this proposal, MatrixedLink will promptly initiate the implementation steps required to become an active sequencer operator on Metis L2. We are committed to a swift and efficient process.

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Can vouch for MatrixedLink (ML). Had conversations with them in hopes of operating validators on our behalf for a different network. Throughout our discussions, they continuously proved that they can manage infrastructure for some of the largest web3 projects. Although we decided not to pursue, our decision had nothing to do with ML and more so with the network in question. Would work with them again in the future.


Joseph from gTrade (Gains Network) here to enthusiastically endorse Martixed as a node operator. Their consistent performance over the past few years came with zero disruptions, always meeting their technical commitments and proficient communication. I confidently recommend them for their reliability and professionalism to contribute here.


Great team, MatrixedLink should definitely be included!


The Metis decentralized proof of stake (PoS) sequencer pool is a cornerstone of its blockchain infrastructure and its model allows user to directly participate in sequencer benefits and that’s lovely :blush:

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Your article is very good it provides complete information

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I know enjin and can be a great contribuitor to metis

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