Sequencer Proposal: Nodefleet

Nodefleet has participated on the integration of Metis for Pocket Network and as well as supporting Metis by serving RPC relays through the network and we are incredibly excited for the opportunity to become part of the Metis Decentralized Sequencer Pool.

Executive Summary

Nodefleet is a web3 infrastructure company that offers RPC, Validators, Snapshots, Seeds node maintenance and analytics dashboard/ explorer development.

  • Nodefleet infrastructure
    Around 45 different blockchains multiregionally and processing around 40-100m requests daily on bare metal machines fully optimized with failover in every region securing enterprise SLA. Founded by an ex infrastructure lead at and 2 devops engineers with more than 4 years of experience in operating blockchain nodes.

  • Partnerships and collaborations
    We have active partnerships with the following companies and protocols:

POKT network
We are actively providing RPC access to 779 of our staked nodes and a considerable quantity of other RPC services to POKT network

We’ve been providing RPC to Stateless service since its beginnings.

We are actively providing relays for the DRPC protocol across 25 chains

  • Staking
    We have an amount of around 6-8m USD in staking across $POKT, $ETH, $XAI among others protocol blockchains in staked value

  • Grants and other developments

We have or have been participating in the following grants

Mainnet/testnet infrastructure support
Were we supported testnet validators, seeds and faucets for as well as mainnet seeds and open sourced all the deployment stack publicly

POKTradar explorer
It’s an user friendly explorer focused on user community usage and market insights that we created for

Link to the explorer

Passage archive node proposal
A bounty for running an archival mainnet passage node for

Berachain explorer
We created a demo of a berachain explorer named honeycomb with a mix of etherscan and mintscan design

Service Level Agreements (SLAS)

Nodefleet has 45 blockchains operating in 3 different regions and processing around 40-100m request per day.
Metis is one of those blockchains which we integrated back in the days for and were supporting since it’s launch on We have failovers per region and rebundancy checks in order to secure 99% in uptime across all of our networks

Benefits for Community

We’ll continue committed to Metis by offering premium service and highly optimized node for the Sequencer in question

Integration Roadmap

We’ll work with the Metis Team to deploy the sequencer with all the best practices required as we have done before with our previous blockchain networks

Official Links: Website, Docs, Audits, etc.




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Nodefleet have been consistently great at Pocket for many years, they will no doubt be great for Metis as well.

  1. How does Nodefleet 1’s experience with multiple blockchain networks and providing RPC services contribute to the efficiency and reliability of the Metis Decentralized Sequencer Pool?

  2. What specific optimizations and failover mechanisms does Nodefleet 1 implement to ensure a 99% uptime SLA across its supported blockchains, and how will these apply to Metis?

  3. Considering Nodefleet 1’s active partnerships and significant staking portfolio, how do you plan to leverage these resources to further enhance the Metis ecosystem and its decentralized infrastructure?

The experience of managing different networks with different setups, flavors, volume contributes in terms of experience and flexibility in terms of operating/managing the infrastructure. Ensuring more availability and stable setup

We’ll deploy multiple nodes in one region or multiregionally EU/US/Singapore depending the use case and the need based on the region in order to ensure that traffic get’s redirected to another region in case there’s a downtime (failover regionally functionality)

3.- Sure! We’ll love to continue adding the same value that we have added to those partnership to Metis in terms of descentralization and quality