Sequencer Proposal: Nodes.Guru

Nodes.Guru is excited to announce the candidacy to support the Metis Decentralised Sequencer ecosystem.

Executive Summary

Nodes.Guru is a top-tier audited, AAA-rated provider by Staking Rewards. Since establishing in 2021 we helped to secure $500mln TVL across over 50 networks with more than 50k stakers that trusts us.

Since our establishment, we specialized in providing secure, redundant infrastructure for institutional investors, web3 projects, and staking operations. We are proud to be 100% self-funded and managed by our partners.
We are proud to be serving as a genesis validator for the leading high-volume L1 chains like Aptos, Sui, Sei as well as supporting dozens of Cosmos-based blockchains.

But not only we represent the highest level of service quality, but we are also proud of our community - in 2021 we’ve created and maintain the largest testnets aggregator with step by step guides of how to participate in testnets, simple, clear and understandable in order to bring broader audience to our blockchain community.

Our products are widely used within the industry - like NG Blockchain Explorers, dApps like AptoStake portal and various projects dashboards.

Service Level Agreements and Commitments

  • We guarantee a 99.95% uptime
  • We have 5 on-call DevOperators distributed across 4 timezones ensuring 24*7 availability
  • We guarantee to assign a Dedicated Account manager and Business POC
  • We have a proven experience being the core validators in the leading L1s such as Aptos, Solana, Sui, Sei and others
  • Our infrastructure is based on bare-metal solutions from the industry-leading partners such as OVH, Vultr, Latitude. For every mainnet server we use a failover cluster in order to maintain high performance and uptime. Servers are located in various data centers all over the world to ensure security and high availability of the network
  • We have consistently met this SLA with every project we’ve been involved in and have never experienced any slashing event
  • Nodes.Guru developed a range of in-house monitoring and alerting solutions, providing reporting and monitoring, including those that are used externally by our partner projects

Benefits for Community

Having one of the largest tech-oriented crypto communities and the largest testnets aggregator, we would be glad to offer:
  • Sharing news and explaining technology to a vast audience
  • Integration with our monitoring bot
  • Actively participate in all governance proposals to ensure the ecosystem growth
  • Providing RPC endpoints

Deployment Roadmap

Upon receiving approval to support Metis, Nodes.Guru will follow Metis' recommended integration timeline. The proposed roadmap looks as follows:


Initial servers kick-off - deploying the sequencer node, acquiring 20 000 METIS, setup our monitoring and alerting package


Collaborating closely with the Metis team, we’ll conduct thorough testing to ensure our node meets all technical requirements and security standards. This includes implementing monitoring and alerting systems, leveraging tools like Grafana and Prometheus to ensure comprehensive oversight of node performance.


Work closely with the Metis team and operators community in order to test the sequencer application, alerting, recovery and other in order both to meet Metis expectations and our internal policies

Support and Maintenance

Continuously monitor node performance, share feedback with the Metis team and community, and continually improve operations and reporting of the solution.

Official links

Testnets Portal
NG Explorers
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