Sequencer Proposal: Nodies

Nodies has been a long-time supporter of Metis, and we are incredibly excited for the opportunity to become part of the Metis Decentralized Sequencer Pool.

Executive Summary

Nodies ( is a web3 infrastructure company offering a broad range of services, including RPC, Snapshots, Validators, and Data Lake. Nodies hosts these on multi-regional, bare-metal servers, ensuring top-tier performance, high QoS, and enterprise-level SLAs. Founded by ex-AWS engineers and with over 3 years of experience in operating blockchain nodes, Nodies’ RPC performance is second to none, as evidenced by our own benchmarking using open-source methodologies (link here), as well as independent testing conducted by CompareNodes.

In addition to RPC services, Nodies recently expanded into validator services. We currently manage validators on several networks, including Ethereum, Ripple, Planq, Pocket, Source, and Subsquid, with a TVL of over $50 million USD.

Testnet Sequencer Participant

We participated in running a testnet Metis sequencer. During this collaboration, we worked closely with the Sequencer Support Team, helping in debugging and offering crucial feedback and logs throughout the process.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Nodies currently supports 28 chains - one of which being Metis - while constantly expanding, and has to-date served over 1 trillion RPC requests. Our infrastructure is designed with multiple redundancy layers, ensuring a 99.9% uptime across all of our services. Furthermore, we maintain servers in 4 different geographical regions to optimize latency for users worldwide.

Benefits for Community

Since 2023, Nodies has been in a significant partnership with the Metis Lab Foundation, acting as their preferred provider of RPC services. We have a public Metis RPC endpoint, available for use by anyone in the Metis community. Our team maintains ongoing communication with the Metis core team and frequently discusses with developers of Metis dApps (such as Ormi, Unidex, and Artemis) to ensure their specific RPC needs are adequately addressed.

In keeping with our partnership with Metis, Nodies recently co-sponsored the Bufficorns Dreamland opening event at EthDenver and had a great time connecting with the Metis community!

Integration Roadmap

As we did during the Testnet Sequencer phase, Nodies will work with the Metis Sequencer Support Team to coordinate the deployment of the new sequencer node. Given our previous experience, Nodies is confident that we will have the resources necessary for a successful and prompt deployment.

Official Links: Website, Docs, Audits, etc.

Website -

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Discord -

Telegram - @giantfrog


Nodies truly stands out in Web3 infrastructure, offering top-tier RPC performance and validator services. Their active community engagement and strategic partnerships guarantee reliability and scalability. It is exciting to see Nodies becoming a part of the Metis Decentralized Sequencer Pool.


Nodies has a great track record of delivering their products, and have been instrumental in helping Pocket Network succeed.
With their stand-out history, I’m sure they’ll do great things for Metis and should be approved for the Sequencer proposal.


great proposal i hope you get your approval as soon as possible


Very thorough proposal. Nodies has been great and is a trusted service provider. I hope they get this proposal approved


Nodies impresses across the board. If you want to verify, just look at this:

or this


As a former product manager in the Pocket Network ecosystem I had the opportunity to work closely with the Nodies team on several major protocol deliverables including Lean POKT and decentralizing the Gateway model. They have an impressive track record of contributing network wide solutions with agility and performance and I have no doubts they’ll be amazing partners for sequencer operations. These are real developers and infrastructure experts (and great humans) who deliver results. Excited to see Metis continued growth and success with Nodies as a key service partner!


We’ve had a strong working relationship with Nodies for over two years. Nodies’ consistent reliability, top-notch performance, and quick response in times of need have been invaluable to us. Their expertise in RPC and validator services and their genuine dedication to the community make them a great partner in the web3 infrastructure space.


Nodies aport can be truly efective to metis network.


great proposal i hope you get your approval as soon as possible

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Great proposal. Hope this will be approved soon.


Awesome thanks full bull run best projector

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Nodies is absolutely a top infrastructure partner to run a sequencer for Metis.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Nodies team for over 1 year, and being a client of theirs for various blockchain services.
Running a Sequencer is a very important role to play to support any blockchain - their uptime, reliability and service levels are top notch - they care about their clients and all aspects of their end-to-end services.

NOT approving them as a sequencer would be a dis-service to the Metis ecosystem!

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