Sequencer Proposal: NorthWest Nodes

NorthWest Nodes is incredibly honored and excited to to be a candidate for the Metis Decentralized Sequencer pool. A robust decentralized sequencer is an incredibly important next step in the evolution of rollups, and we take this opportunity very seriously.

About NorthWest Nodes

Established in 2021, starting in Canada and having since moved operations to Dubai, NorthWest Nodes brings decades of infrastructure, DevOps, and incident response experience into the world of Web3. Starting as the winners of Chainlinks Oracle Olympics competiton, the team has expanded into the world of RPC provision, monitoring support, and DevOps consultation. Described by Chainlink Labs as having “raised the bar for Node Operations”, NorthWest Nodes prides ourselves in having some of the most robust monitoring, security, and uptime statistics possible in the world of blockchain. We have ongoing notable collaborations with Chainlink, Infura, and Truflation, and have helped secure Billions of dollars of TVL across these projects.

The company currently runs nodes on 16 chains, and has been a supporter of Chainlink Price Feeds on Metis since the its inception. We have run a redundant Metis RPC setup for over a year, with no major incidents. We also are one of the select few nodes running the CCIP network, of which Metis is slated to be added to in short order.

With highly automated resource provisioning, redundancy planning, and robust scaling solutions, we are able to meet any demands that running a sequencer can offer. We have never faced any slashing penalty in our operations, and aim to continue this spotless record. We are a self-funded company, and are managed by our founders. We have only obligations to ourselves.

Our Commitment to Metis

  • We commit to meeting a 99.95% uptime with the sequencer, consistent with our other node operations, which have exceeded 99.95% in their history. Please be aware that this SLA does not encompass situations or events beyond our reasonable control, known as ‘force majeure’ events. These include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, civil unrest, acts of government, or any other circumstances that significantly obstruct our ability to fulfill our service obligations.

  • We commit to server response times as fast as possible, and can deploy resources globally to minimize all response times.

  • We commit to immediate incident response for all critical issues, with alerting times set to between 0-5 minutes depending on severity.

  • We commit to running fair transactions, and take no malicious action in the running of the sequencer.

  • We commit to engaging with the team and community at large to find any bugs, report any potential disruptive behavior, and do everything in our power to ensure the decentralized sequencer is a huge success.

  • We commit to helping redundancy of the network, by not using the most popular platforms such as AWS, GCP, or Hetzner for our operations.

  • We commit to supporting the chain, the ecosystem, and the community for it’s lifetime.


Upon acceptance of this proposal, we will act as follows.

  • Define the resources needed for node operation, monitoring, and incident response.

  • Build the nodes and all supporting infrastructure.

  • Collaborate with the Metis team and other operators on testing, monitoring, alerting, and bug-hunting to help ensure maximum performance of all operators.

  • Continuously monitor node performance, share feedback, and improve functionality over time.