Sequencer Proposal:

Executive Summary

P2P.ORG is a top-tier SOC2 Audited, AAA-rated provider by Staking Rewards. Active since 2017 with $6 billion TVL across over 45 networks

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Our exact SLA and uptime numbers depend on the the network and our performance can be checked in various network-specific sources, but we always remain top-tier validator:

Our multiple contributions can be seen on our GitHub page ยท GitHub, the most popular and major ones are:

Also we publish a lot of researches both in our blog and on other major forums:

Benefits for Community

  • We offer our Staking API for Metis for our Staking Platform which is already connected to major institutions and helped to attract millions of dollars into Web3
  • We can help to extend the integration of Metis into The Graph mainnet protocol by helping to create subgraphs for network participants as we can create customized indexer solutions like this one for Polkadot ecosystem GitHub - p2p-org/polkadot-profit-transformer
  • RPC endpoints
  • Connections to major projects in space (already supporting Metis in Connext Bridge by providing $500k liquidity there for Metis chain)

Official Links: Website, Docs, Audits, etc.

2 Likes is pretty popular staking platform in the Web3 space. It will be a good fit to integrate into metis decentralised ecosystem

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