Sequencer Proposal: Pathrock Network

Although we are relatively new to the Metis ecosystem, Pathrock Network is deeply enthusiastic about the prospect of joining the Metis Decentralized Sequencer Pool. Our commitment to supporting and enhancing blockchain technologies is steadfast, and we consistently monitor the most influential Proof of Stake (PoS) networks, firmly believing that Metis is, and will continue to be, among these key players.

Executive Summary
Pathrock Network is pleased to submit this proposal for participation in the Metis Decentralized Sequencer Governance initiative. Our validation business, boasting a delegation volume of $60m, has significantly contributed to the success of notable projects such as Anoma/Namada, Avalanche, Mina, Moonriver/Moonbeam, Nym Technology, Polygon, The Graph. This experience underscores our growth potential and strategic positioning within the blockchain sector. We are committed to achieving controlled growth in tandem with the market, while maintaining a lean operational structure to adeptly manage the cyclical dynamics of the cryptocurrency industry, including its seasonal fluctuations. Upholding quality as our foremost priority, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our operations. Established as a debt-free entity since 2017, we place a high value on financial stability and operational agility.

Our operations are built around a three-pillar strategy:

  • Compute Services (Collators, Validators, Indexers, Nodes and other infrastructure related concepts)
  • Investments into emerging PoS & Web3 projects
  • Web3 Application - Our entry into Web3 application development is led by a significant mental health initiative, part of a broader effort to use blockchain for social good in underserved regions. With a series of projects poised to benefit the Metis ecosystem, we focus on health innovations and data management in partnership with leading NGOs. This strategy underscores our commitment to leveraging technology for community empowerment and transformative change globally.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees a 99% uptime, ensuring reliable and continuous service performance. This commitment is bolstered by our support for over 50 PoS networks, demonstrating our extensive expertise and dedication to the blockchain ecosystem.

Benefits for Community
Integrating Pathrock Network into the Metis Decentralized Sequencer Pool offers the Metis community significant advantages, enhancing the ecosystem’s resilience, innovation, and inclusivity:

  • Network Stability and Security - Leveraging our experience from managing over 50 PoS projects, we contribute to Metis’s network robustness and security, ensuring high uptime and reliability.
  • Innovation and Development - Our work on Web3 applications, particularly for social good, aligns with Metis’s mission, promising new use cases and functionalities that drive ecosystem innovation.
  • Education and Empowerment - Through our collaborations and community-focused projects, we offer educational initiatives and resources, empowering the Metis community with the knowledge and tools for active participation.
  • Global Outreach - Our global experience and diverse project portfolio enhance Metis’s inclusivity and outreach, bringing a wealth of perspectives and solutions to the ecosystem.
  • Strategic Partnerships - Our history of successful collaborations opens up opportunities for strategic alliances within Metis, fostering mutual growth and a stronger community network.

Pathrock Network’s participation promises to bolster the Metis ecosystem, aligning with our shared objectives of fostering a secure, innovative, and socially impactful blockchain environment.

Integration Roadmap
Incorporating Pathrock Network into the Metis Decentralized Sequencer Pool, we propose a strategic integration into the Metis roadmap, focusing on immediate contributions and long-term collaboration:

  • Short-Term Focus - Upon acceptance of this proposal, Pathrock Network will immediately begin the necessary steps to become an active sequencer operator on Metis L2. We are dedicated to a rapid and efficient integration, aligning with Metis’s recommended timeline to ensure a smooth transition into our role as a Sequencer Node.
  • Mid-Term Development - Over the next six to twelve months, we aim to deploy innovative Web3 applications developed in partnership with global NGOs, targeting both the health sector and data management. These applications are designed to showcase the potential of blockchain for social good, aligning with Metis’s mission.
  • Long-Term Vision - Looking ahead, we envision establishing strategic partnerships within the Metis ecosystem, fostering cross-collaboration with other projects and networks. Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable, inclusive, and innovative blockchain ecosystem, with Metis at its core.

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