Sequencer Proposal: RHINO

RHINO is excited to announce our candidacy to support the Metis Decentralised Sequencer ecosystem.


RHINO, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, brings over three decades of expertise in infrastructure, security, and program delivery. Since our establishment in 2021, RHINO has specialized in providing secure, redundant infrastructure for institutional investors, web3 projects, and staking operations. Our early involvement ensures high engagement, offering vital assistance and tools for emerging L1s and web3 projects. We are proud to be 100% self-funded and managed by our partners.

With a Total Value Locked (TVL) exceeding $430M USD and growing, RHINO has established itself as a trusted partner in multiple blockchain ecosystems. Whether serving as a “genesis” node operator for emerging high-volume L1 chains like Aptos or Sei, supporting a multitude of blockchains on Chainlink OCR and CCIP, or handling over 30 billion RPC requests per month across various L1 and L2 projects, RHINO is a key infrastructure provider for the growth and success of web3.

Despite our small team size, RHINO leverages deep experience in security, network operations, infrastructure, and automation to deliver operations “at-scale” — working to eliminate downtime, increase delegator rewards, and ultimately deliver better and more secure experiences to project teams and end-users. Utilizing a combination of self-hosted hardware in multiple US data centers, combined with bare-metal providers globally, RHINO has defined a decentralized, resilient, and secure infrastructure that meets the needs of the Decentralized Sequencer.

Connect with the RHINO team on our Telegram or Discord communities!

RHINO’s Commitment to Metis

We are eager to earn the community’s support for RHINO as a Metis Decentralized Sequencer provider. With our extensive experience and dedication, the RHINO team is prepared to take on this responsibility for the next decade of growth and beyond.

RHINO is uniquely positioned to provide the expertise, scale, monitoring, and resiliency required for success. We hope for your consideration.

Service Level Agreements and Commitments

  • RHINO commits to exceeding a 99.95% uptime SLA with the Metis Sequencer, aligning with SLAs written with our clients and customers. We have consistently met this SLA with every project we’ve been involved in and have never experienced a slashing event on the chains we operate.

  • We pledge not to engage in malicious transaction ordering or modify the sequencer code in any way.

  • RHINO will utilize our Information Security Management System (ISMS), the backbone of our key management, security protocol, and change management system.

  • Additionally, we employ a range of monitoring and alerting infrastructures, providing reporting and monitoring for other teams for Aptos, Chainlink, and more via our GitHub repo.

Metis Involvement

The RHINO team has operated Metis full nodes as part of our Chainlink operations and has experience running these nodes at scale, with global redundancy behind redundant load balancers. We would extend this infrastructure for the Metis Decentralised Sequencer initiative. Moreover, RHINO co-sponsored the Bufficorns Dreamland Opening Party at EthDenver in 2024 with the Metis Foundation.

Game of Nodes Podcast

Finally, a RHINO partner is a co-host of Game of Nodes! A podcast dedicated to the education of validator operations across Ethereum, Aptos, Cosmos, Chainlink, and everywhere else. We stream LIVE every Wednesday @ 9:00 PM UTC.

Through this platform, we aim to extend the knowledge of Metis and the Metis community, providing valuable insights and fostering a deeper understanding of decentralized technologies.

Deployment Roadmap

Upon acceptance of this proposal, the RHINO team will undertake the following:

  • Define the playbooks for node operation, monitoring, and alerting. Commence running the Sequencer node and acquire a minimum of 20,000 METIS.

  • Collaborate with the Metis team and other operators on testing the sequencer application, node fail-over, alerting, disaster recovery, and other components of our ISMS and standard node operations.

  • Continuously monitor node performance, share feedback with the Metis team and community, and continually improve operations and reporting of the solution.

We are excited about the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of the Metis ecosystem, and we hope you will consider our application for participation in the Decentralized Sequencer Pool.



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