Sequencer Proposal: Silk Nodes

Silk Nodes is excited to submit our proposal to become a Decentralized Sequencer for the Metis network. With over two years of operation and more than $100 million in assets delegated to us, we have developed a profound commitment to advancing the blockchain ecosystem. Our track record showcases unparalleled expertise and dedication in providing high-quality, high-availability products and services across various blockchain platforms. Our proposal outlines how our unique capabilities and extensive experience can significantly contribute to the Metis network’s success and resilience.

Silk Nodes Infrastructure and Services
At Silk Nodes, we own and operate our own bare-metal infrastructure, strategically located between the US and Ireland, to ensure maximum uptime and reliability. This setup allows us to deliver high-quality, high-availability products for the chains that we validate on, showcasing our commitment to infrastructure excellence.

Our contributions to the blockchain ecosystem extend beyond traditional block signing. We engage actively in the chains we validate by offering a diverse range of services designed to enhance operational smoothness and community engagement.

With the infrastructure well-suited for the demands of running a Decentralized Sequencer node—including the handling of L2Geth, OP-node, batch submitter, and MPC node components—we stand ready to contribute significantly to the Metis network. We believe in the power of collaboration and shared success. By offering our tools and expertise to other sequencers within the decentralized Metis network, we aim to foster an environment of mutual support and continuous improvement. This philosophy is central to our proposal and our vision for the future of Metis.

Customized Tooling and Integrations

  1. Custom Discord Bot Integrations: Tailored Discord bot integrations for platforms like Archway, facilitating automated posting and linking of new forum discussions. Example
  2. Validator Status Bot Integration: Our Validator Status Bot is integrated into the official Discords of notable platforms including Dydx, Stride, Archway, Jackal, Elys, and more, enhancing transparency and communication. Example
  3. Governance Alerting Tools Integration: Our governance alerting tools have been integrated into various official Discord servers to foster active community participation. Example
  4. Comprehensive Validator Tools: Our Validator Tools bot offers an array of features to support validators, including daily node snapshots, upcoming upgrades display, automated upgrade guides, state sync scripts, node installation guides, live peer lists, and more. Learn More

Community Engagement and Support
Creation of price bots appreciated by token holders. Link
Provision of free public RPC/API endpoints with minimal rate limitations, setting us apart from other public endpoints. Example RPC and API Endpoint
Integration services for chains into our Block Explorer, primarily focusing on testnets to complement superior alternatives for mainnet deployments. Explorer Link

Expansion into EVM
While our expertise has been predominantly in Tendermint chains, Silk Nodes is now expanding into the EVM world, actively validating on platforms like Avax. We are developing tools to support infrastructure surrounding EVM chains, and excited to leverage our comprehensive services to Metis.

Proposal to Support Metis

To bolster the success and resilience of the Metis network, Silk Nodes proposes to offer the following:

  • Leverage our high-availability bare metal infrastructure to ensure robust and reliable sequencing for the Metis network.
  • Provide custom tool integrations, including Discord bots and governance alerting tools, tailored to the needs of the Metis community.
  • Offer our comprehensive validator tools to support Metis validators, enhancing network security and efficiency.
  • Make available our RPC/API endpoints for Metis, facilitating easier access and interaction for developers and users alike.
  • Assist in integrating Metis into our Block Explorer to provide transparent and accessible network data, particularly for testnet phases.

Silk Nodes is fully committed to supporting the Metis network as a Decentralized Sequencer. With our extensive experience, custom solutions, and dedicated infrastructure, we are confident in our ability to contribute significantly to the network’s growth, security, and community engagement.
We eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with the Metis team and contribute to the project’s long-term success.


This is great, nice job guys :clap: