Sequencer Proposal: Simply Staking

Executive Summary

Simply Staking is a blockchain all-in-one team of infrastructure and software engineers that build blockchain tech and operate blockchain infrastructure across countless networks since 2018. As of Q1 2024, staked assets under management total over $1B. The group operates infrastructure out of its own highly restricted Tier 3 datacentre in the jurisdictionally unique island of Malta, with various backup sites across the globe, and a policy against the use of cloud providers.

Simply Staking also currently operates Metis Testnet and Mainnet API infrastructure, serving existing DeFi clients.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

99.9% with 24/7 incidence response. Our IR process involves an on call rotation of various engineers that follow established processes to investigate and respond to events promptly.

Simply Staking is trusted as an infrastructure provider by top ecosystem teams and DAOs such as Lido DAO, Chainlink, Interchain Foundation, Web3 Foundation, Oasis Foundation, Decentralized Cooperation Foundation, amongst many others.

Benefits for Community

The team has contributed development resources to major protocols, together with open sourcing various monitoring and infrastructure tooling. Such work includes:

  • Solidity DeFi development.
  • Cosmos SDK product and module development.
  • Monitoring tooling for Ethereum, Substrate, Cosmos and Chainlink infrastructure operations.
  • Risk monitoring tooling for DeFi protocols.
  • Agoric<>Chainlink Decentralised Oracle Network development and management.

Simply Staking’s dedicated Governance and Community Team actively engages, publishes research reports, and fosters relationships within every relevant and active blockchain community, ensuring that Simply Staking is a thought leader within the ecosystems it is part of.

Integration Roadmap

Official Links: Website, Docs, Audits, etc.

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