Sequencer Proposal: SNZPool

Executive Summary

SNZ is a crypto-native and community-oriented incubator and investment company. SNZ and the team have been active since 2014 for community building, incubation and investment, as one of the earliest backers of Ethereum in Asia. SNZPool, as a sub-brand of SNZ, is providing secure and stable blockchain infrastructure service to the clients worldwide since its establishment in 2019. With our node services over 30 blockchains networks, we are securing assets for our users with a total value exceeding 1M dollars.
Besides our primary Chainlink Node that we are currently running, we also have experience running Validators for 30 other blockchains such as ETH Validator, Polkadot, Kusama, Cosmos, Irisnet, Kava, Akas, Certik, Flow, Mina, Dash, SysCoin and so on.
By serving as a decentralized sequencer for Metis chain, we will ensure the processing the transaction efficiently and securely, and bring value in Metis ecosystem.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

In terms of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) regarding operational performance, we guarantee a 99.9% uptime and offer 24/7 response. Our commitment to ensuring timely responses is facilitated by a comprehensive monitoring system, telephone alerts, and rotating shifts.
Regarding server operational performance, we prioritize the stability and efficiency of our servers. Our carefully selected hardware and optimized configurations ensure the reliability and stability of our servers. We closely monitor server operations to promptly address any issues that may affect performance, ensuring continuous service availability.
Regarding server response times, we optimize server configurations and network settings to ensure fast response times. We strive to minimize latency and improve response speeds.
In summary, we are dedicated to providing reliable, stable, and efficient services with a professional approach. We continuously strive to improve and enhance our capabilities to meet the growing needs of the blockchain.

Benefits for Community (optional)

Drawing on the resources of our parent company, SNZ, we will actively contribute to the expansion initiatives and resource alignment for the Metis ecosystem.

Integration Roadmap

Once our proposal is accepted, we will undertake the following:

  • Run a Metis node on mainnet
  • Acquire and stake a minimum of 20k METIS to meet the requirement and participate in the network
  • Implement a 24/7 monitoring and alerts mechanism to ensure the quality of service
  • Share our performance metrics with Metis team.
  • Continually cooperate with Metis team and other partners to improve the network performance.

Official Links: Website, Docs, Audits, etc.