Sequencer Proposal: TEB

Executive Summary

  • TEB is an Web3 advisory firm that specializes in ecosystem development and Go-To-Market strategies in Korea, providing services to 15+ blockchain projects, including Metis. TEB has been leading the promotion and branding of Metis in Korea through 1) localized content creation, 2) KOLs and media partners activation, 3) community management, and 4) offline event support.

  • TEB is keen to participate as a node operator for the Sequencer Pool by utilizing its validator arm B-Harvest. B-Harvest ( is a blockchain validator within the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystem, expanding its expertise into the development of DeFi protocols and conducting R&D on Cosmos SDK and EVM.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • TEB supports its blockchain layer partners in the form of node operation through TEB’s validator business arm in B-Harvest.
  • B-Harvest provides validation services for multiple dPoS networks to ensure decentralized governance. The list of networks include: Archway, Axelar, Band Protocol, Canto, Celestia, Coreum, Cosmos Hub, Injective, Kava, MultiversX, Neutron, Nibiru, Noble, Osmosis, Rarimo, Secret Network, Stride, Sui, Vega, Wemix, and Xpla.
  • B-Harvest currently has total staked assets of $83M with 25,000 delegators across Cosmos based networks, and $47M with 3,000 delegators across other L1 networks, committing to an uptime of 99.9%.
  • B-Harvest leverages both public clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure) and baremetal clouds (OVH, Vultr, Leaseweb, PhoenixNAP) across Korea, US, and Europe regions in order to distribute our servers to different locations with proper HW specs and failover plan.

Benefits for Community (optional)

  • Since 4Q24, TEB has acted as the Korean ambassador of Metis, building its retail presence from virtually none to a community of more than 1,500+.
  • TEB has utilized its Learn2Earn platform - - to create contents and campaigns focusing on Metis. 25+ unique articles were written and 2 quests (eg. performing testnet transactions for the Community Testing event) were executed, which can be referred to here. .
  • TEB has set up and managed Metis’ Korean Telegram announcements channel and group chat, where more than 1,000+ posts from Metis’ global channels were translated and uploaded for a community of 1,500+ combined users.
  • TEB was instrumental in securing sponsorship titles for Metis during EthSeoul and SheFi Korea. TEB staff actively supported during the events, leading booth duties and promoting Metis’s sponsor role through its KOLs and media partners.
  • TEB will continue to commit to the aforementioned community engagements. As a Sequencer however, TEB will leverage B-Harvest’s expertise in developer relations to host offline events in the nature of open lectures and hackathons to target Korean devs. This would enable TEB to expand its ecosystem builder role, additionally serving as tech advisor of Metis for the Korean community.

Integration Roadmap

We will add a few processes to the standard integration approach created internally at B-Harvest. These are as follows:

  1. Cloud selection and security rating
  • Select an instance and cloud that meets the standard specifications recommended by Metis Sequencer and the characteristics of your sequencer.

  • Follow the standard security settings for instances on the Sequencer node, including basic OS security and administrator tiers

  1. Automation deployment
  • Automate the Metis Sequencer setup guide as much as possible.
  • Choose and work with infrastructure tools that match the characteristics of your sequencer, or develop your own. These can be open-sourced in the future.
  • In addition to the Metis Sequencer nodes, the monitoring and alerting systems are included in this automation.
  1. Enable monitoring
  • Identify basic metrics for a well-functioning sequencer, and integrate them into Grafana and Prometheus
  • Analyze the appropriate thresholds for those metrics, and apply them to alerting
  1. Deploy the product
  • Once all the preliminary work is done, deployment is the next step.
  • For node configuration files, follow the usual conventions
  • For other additional items, deploy according to your own conventions
  1. Further maintenance
  • As issues arise during the deployment and post-deployment phase, we share and collaborate with other sequencers and the community.

Official Links: Website, Docs, Audits, etc.

  • Status for Cosmos Validator

  • Cosmos Network Validators

  • Non-Cosmos Validator Status

  • Sui Validator

  • MultiversX Validator

  • Wemix Validators (26th in the list)

  • ChainLink Operator

  • Kroma Security CounCil

  • B-Harvest Introduction

  • Other achievements of B-Harvest:

    • Cosmos OG Validator
      • Main OG involved since Cosmos Hub’s early testnet days
      • 2nd place overall in Game of Stake (Validator Competition)
      • Game of Zones, Game of Chains Never jail group
    • R&D contribution
      • ICF grant: Tendermint/Cosmos-SDK feature development
        • Validator key rotation feature
        • Double-signing protection feature
        • Improved node peer management feature
      • ICF bug bounty: Tendermint/Cosmos-SDK bug bounty score 1st Overall
      • Tendermint(AiB) grant
        • Liquidity module Implementation: First orderbook/AMM hybrid DEX
        • Budget module Implementation: Governance-based token inflation management
        • Farming module Implementation: Ability to manage DeFi liquidity incentives
        • Liquid staking module Implementation: Securitization features of staking positions
    • Other contribution
      • Kava audit: codebase + financial models
      • Web3 Foundation grant: Polkadot Substrate feature development
      • Terra grant: financial model advisory, oracle node development
      • Injective: Contributed multiple core features and found and fixed critical bugs
      • Secret Network: 1st prize in dApp competition (CosmWasm)
      • Celestia: 1st prize in validator competition
    • Community meetups
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How does TEB leverage its validator arm, B-Harvest, to support decentralized governance across various blockchain networks, and what specific strategies does TEB employ to promote and build the Metis community in Korea?