Sequencer Proposal: Validation Cloud

Executive Summary

  • Validation Cloud is SOC 2- compliant enterprise-grade Web3 infrastructure company.
  • We have ranked as the #1 node operator in the world by CompareNodes for almost 12 straight months.
  • Our team has been operating infrastructure since the earliest days of Proof of Stake in 2018. We were some of the earliest partners of ecosystems like Polygon, Chainlink, and Flow.
  • More recently we have become one of the largest validators on Aptos & dYdX and are supporting promising ecosystems such as Eigenlayer, Aleo, Berachain, and Saga.
  • Validation Cloud is also keen to support the decentralization of Layer 2 sequencers and looks forward to partnering with many of the leading shared & decentralized sequencing projects this year.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Our global devops team has strict monitoring, alerting, and operational systems set up to ensure 99.99% uptime.
  • We adhere to a suite of comprehensive and targeted controls that address everything from monitoring, personnel operational security, disaster response procedures, encryption, risk assessments, vulnerability scanning, and infrastructure remediation.

Benefits for Community (optional)

  • Validation Cloud launched one of the first institutional staking platforms that enables users to deploy validators in bulk through a non-custodial, smart contract reward splitting platform.
  • We also support developers by providing institutional grade RPC nodes across 10+ chains to help support the development of applications, offering up to 50mn free compute units per month.
  • Anyone can come directly to our platform and leverage our staking or RPC node services.
  • Validation Cloud is also a big supporter on governance for chains we support, participating in almost 100% of votes.
  • We also do co-marketing initiatives to highlight our partners with blog posts, social media, and in-person events.

Integration Roadmap

  • Validation Cloud is dedicating a lot of resources to support the growing restaking ecosystems such as Eigenlayer, LRTs, and various AVSs.
  • We are also integrating with a lot of custodians and wallets to offer our staking services to their platform.
  • Ultimately we are very client driven and happy to hear any suggestions on ecosystems anyone would like us to support!

Official Links: Website, Docs, Audits, etc.