Vefi Nft Marketplace: A multichain/crosschain nft market place

Vefi nft Marketplace is a multichain/crosschain nft Marketplace which allows user bridge already existing nfts from one chain to Metis Andromeda. With Vefi nft Marketplace already established nfts like BoredApe can bridge to the network and also perform trading(Buying and selling) on the marketplace. Its the first bridge marketplace on Metis. We also have an underlining feature where users can create collections and get 10% fees from minted nft under such collection. Its the first nft Marketplace that rewards users for creating a collection. We are new and currently on testnet

We are more interested in building in the Metis ecosystem and getting the community support and aid. We are leveraging on the opportunity for a larger user base for the ecosystem, and loyal members get the chance to bridge their nfts home, getting the support from the ecosystem and the marketplace itself.