What is ENKI

Executive Summary

Metis’ decentralized Proof of Stake (PoS) sequencer pool, a cornerstone of its blockchain infrastructure, offers enhanced network decentralization and stability through a multi-sequencer system. This model permits users to partake in sequencer benefits directly. However, the complexity and high entry threshold of becoming a sequencer node—requiring a minimum stake of 20,000 METIS tokens and passing through election and whitelist verification—render it inaccessible to the average user.

ENKI introduces a groundbreaking Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) protocol, setting a new standard for participation and liquidity in the Metis ecosystem. As the first of its kind, ENKI aims to revolutionize how users engage with DeFi by removing technical barriers and democratizing access to staking rewards. Our protocol is designed not only to simplify the participation process but also to enhance the rewards for all participated users. By integrating with Metis, ENKI leverages the platform’s advanced Layer 2 features to offer a seamless and efficient staking experience via the Sequencer Node Ecosystem.

User Earnings and Participation Mechanism

ENKI’s user-friendly interface and straightforward staking process mean participants need not understand the intricacies of sequencer node operations to earn passive income. Users stake METIS tokens, which are then converted into eMETIS, entitling them to staking rewards. Further restaking of eMETIS into seMETIS amplifies their earnings potential, adhering to ENKI’s unique distribution rules.

Upon earnings claims, 70% of eMETIS is credited instantly, with the remaining 30% allocated to the eMETIS Vesting contract. This structure not only highlights the additional utility of ENKI tokens in enhancing profits but also promotes long-term engagement within the ecosystem.

Furthermore, ENKI is committed to enhance liquidity by encouraging users to pair their eMETIS with METIS tokens, generating additional revenue streams through staking and liquidity provision within Metis ecosystem DEXs.

Innovative Features of ENKI

ENKI offers a suite of features designed to optimize user experience and maximize rewards, including:

  1. Simplified Staking with eMetis&seMetis: Users can easily stake METIS tokens to earn rewards, without the need for technical know-how.
  2. Dual Revenue Streams: By participating in ENKI, users can access staking rewards and liquidity mining benefits, enhancing their income potential.
  3. Decentralized Governance: ENKI token holders will have a say in the protocol’s future development and decision-making processes, ensuring alignment with community interests.

The interdependence between Metis and ENKI strengthens the ecosystem, with ENKI’s contributions expected to be a linchpin in Metis’ DeFi strategy. As acknowledged by Metis, “LSD will be the cornerstone of the Metis DeFi ecosystem,” underscoring the critical role of protocols like ENKI in realizing this vision.

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