Why metisdao ecosystem?

While some DeFi platforms settle for a “Build it, and they will come” mentality, the METIS team is working hard to make sure the ecosystem gains traction. They have a proactive approach to business development and have gone out of their way to look for flagship projects to support in each vertical. That gives us even greater confidence that METIS will become a thriving ecosystem of interlinked chains and dapps, each of which brings value to the others.

By leveraging METIS high-speed, secure, scalability, simplicity, Storage, Saving technology, and with the support and expertise of our team and community, we’re building something absolutely unique in the DeFi space. By contributing at the network and application layers in this way, METAFARM and METIS both stand to become not just foundational projects themselves, but key infrastructure for the wider Layer 2 ecosystem.

Website: metafarmcoin.io
Telegram: Contact @metafarmcoin
Discord: Metafarm


Patiently waiting for your website going live and knowing more about your project. I got some questions answered on tg. Good luck :+1:

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