WOWmax exchange - DEX aggregator

WOWMAX is the next-generation DEX aggregation protocol that uses slippage as an additional source of optimization. We create trading value through both multihop aggregation and same block arbitrage of indirect pairs.

WOWMAX exchange protocol brings improvements over key features of the two established DeFi protocols: Uniswap V2 (Multihop feature), 1Inch.Exchange (Aggregation feature).

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WOWmax has developed a unique aggregation technology that:

  • Is going to be more efficient than 1inch
  • Will offer the best price swaps for your users
  • Will be available across all EVM compatible chains and will support all tokens permissionlessly.
  • Will be providing institutional-grade APIs and on-chain support for other DeFi players to build upon.
  1. We calculate the exchange path and send it to the WOWMAX contract.

  2. A single transaction contains multiple exchanges. When we perform a swap, we calculate the impact on the price and arbitrage opportunities.

  3. During the first part of the exchange, the price shifts to a DEX.

  4. Then the protocol makes the rest of the swap to balance the price in DEXes and makes the calculations.

  5. The entire sequence of exchanges is done in a single atomic transaction. Therefore, miners/arbitrage bots cannot affect the order of exchanges within our transaction.

  6. A transaction in the blockchain can consist of several actions. In our case, all actions are performed within a single transaction. Atomicity guarantees the execution of all actions in the original sequence and the successful completion of the transaction. If an error occurs while performing at least one action, the entire transaction is cancelled.

  7. Before and after the exchange with WOWMAX, the prices in the final DEX remain almost the same, since the entire arbitrage opportunity is implemented at the moment of the swap transaction, rather than remaining free as in Uniswap.

Showcasing, one of the versions of our unique arbitrage strategy with WOWMAX:

  1. Existing DEX aggregators (1inch etc) split transactions like 55%/45% or 30%/40%/30% - these rounded numbers don’t give you maximum output. Our main product (coming in September) uses more precise formulas and outperforms 1inch on smaller amounts.

  2. We use unique triangular arbitrage of tokens traded in pairs with ETH and with stablecoins in the same transaction which prevents miners from taking advantage of the opportunity thereby ensuring maximum value for the trader.

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  • 10,000,000 $WUT tokens allocated to WOWmax.
  • 2,000,000 $WUT reserved for the team.
  • 3,000,000 $WUT for token sale in various rounds.
  • 5,000,000 $WUT for community and growth initiatives.


Wowmax is a great DEX protocol.
I the alpha version is cool and showing what we should expect when the launch comes.

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WOWMAX is the best DEX I have come across so far.

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WowMax is actually the new king Of DEX with super amazing features.